Comment from: Rob [Visitor]

I had the same blistering/chafing issue with my KSOs on my 1st run. (I'd already run for a while in Classics) So I then wore some Injinji socks in my KSOs for a while. That seemed to do the trick, just breaking the KSOs in a bit more, perhaps stretching the material? Anyhow I no longer have any blister/chafing issues in my KSOs and can run in them w/o socks.

08/26/10 @ 09:26
Comment from: Scott M [Visitor]
Scott M

Clearly in this case "KSO" stands for "Keeps Stuff ON"!

08/26/10 @ 11:10
Comment from: dep [Visitor]

This is hilarious - i was just thinking this morning if i could go skydiving in my classic's, i'd hate for them to slip off or something - guess i'll give it a go now :)

08/30/10 @ 23:59

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