Comment from: [Member]

I got a blister on my right heel. It worked out though, and the blister faded. They are not bad. I do wish the inside was fabric like the REI photographs and not leather.

08/21/12 @ 15:08
Comment from: Sytera [Visitor]

I love the baby toes in the 6th picture! Great shot!!

08/21/12 @ 15:51
Comment from: Jason [Visitor]

I like your cat.

08/21/12 @ 16:40
Comment from: Attila [Visitor]  

its strange and disappointing that they chose to put the felt-like stuff under the forefoot. reason is that the forefoot is the area of the foot where i get most of my sweating. i fear it will cause a stink. :(

i'll still get a pair in a few weeks (as soon as local REI gets them in stock), but i hope the forefoot material doesn't cause any discontent when i actually have them.

hey Justin,
how does the sizing compare to the treksport and kso? i'm 45 in both but hesitate to purchase it online due to any possible size discrepency (my classsics are a bit too tight at size 45). thanks!

08/21/12 @ 17:08
Comment from: A C C [Visitor]

Thank you for the review.

I still think that there's way too much yellow on them. The logos should've been more discreet like the Trek LS (or better yet, embossed like the Bormio).

Seems like I won't be getting it regardless if the only supplier is REI (econ 101: only 1 supplier = prices don't go down). At $130 it is a luxury item.

08/21/12 @ 21:22
Comment from: Rich [Visitor]

I think the trek LS looks so classy, and this... doesn't. I don't know what it is, but the leather looks really different and really cheap. I hope it's not like that in person, but the pictures are not at all flattering compared to the trek LS.

08/21/12 @ 22:50
Comment from: [Member]


For me, I'm a size 43 across all those models -- they seems the same to me.

08/22/12 @ 09:21
Comment from: James [Visitor]

Great review as always! I like them, if I were in the market for a new pair I would prefer the rear branding be a little smaller but either way I have 2 pair of Trek LS (blk and brn) that will last me a long while before I have to figure out what work shoe to move to next. I am glad they continue to work on the casual side of things as well, seems to be growing and that is a good thing.

08/23/12 @ 12:29
Comment from: Dubbsy [Visitor]

This will be my next work shoe. I have a brown set of trek ls that I wear with khakis or other dress pants everyday. But I need a pair of black for my grey or black pants. I haven't been wearing them because they don't match my shoes :-P

08/23/12 @ 16:34
Comment from: Christy Anthony [Visitor]
Christy Anthony

The classics and sprints are discontinued?? OMG...horrible.
Question - I am wearing mens 42 - I see that some womens sizes go up to 42. Would these be the same size shoe? Maybe I can scoop up on a deal if so.

Thank you!

08/28/12 @ 13:00
Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

Cheers for stock Android!

11/05/12 @ 20:34
Comment from: Andrew [Visitor]

I'm a big fivefingers fan but these things look pretty creepy. Black leather fivefingers is as step too far. I'd feel like I was about to be locked in a basement with Zed and Maynard

11/15/12 @ 04:11
Comment from: Edward [Visitor]

I like the look of them (I got the brown ones), but the leather-rubber bond doesn't last. I had mine for about 4 months before the sole already started to detach, starting with the big toe.

02/12/13 @ 11:37
Comment from: Victor [Visitor]

This is my eighth pair of five fingers...and the best. Perfect for working out in the gym. The leather is much more durable than all the other fabric versions and lasts much longer!

Its too bad that only REI has them...they are now on clearance for $90.93!

02/19/13 @ 15:50
Comment from: Kyhwana [Visitor]

Anyone have a pair of these? Wondering how well they do in puddles vs the KSO Treks.
(Like, a few cm's of water type puddles.. not 5-10cm puddles!)

02/28/13 @ 06:36
Comment from: bk [Visitor]  

so, i read that the sizing is true to size, pun intended. I have 7 pair of vibrams, all are size 42 including my bormio (boots) with the exception of speeds, which 42 were to small and had to go to a 43? so I should get the size 42 like the boots?

03/08/13 @ 14:01
Comment from: dale [Visitor]

I went and bought a pair I love them :) you have to wear them for a bit in the house before you wear them out just to make sure they fit ok at home this wont be my last pair I won't red ones but they didn't have any

05/12/13 @ 19:27
Comment from: Anna Rose [Visitor]
Anna Rose

Wishing that Vibram hadn't discontinued so many of their non-eye-blasting leather shoes. I prefer the leather to the fabric, since they're the only shoes I wear anymore, and vivid coloring isn't always the best choice when you're having a business meeting. I also wear socks, so that minimizes potential stink a lot.

07/15/13 @ 15:03
Comment from: Jason [Visitor]

It's really sad cuz the current fivefinger line is just too flashy and too thin for everyday use. my Trek LS finally gave out due to split rubber in the sole and worn leather. thats 3 years of wearing. I live in a colder climate and wish they still have something durable yet subtle for casual wear.

09/08/13 @ 20:14
Comment from: Gavin [Visitor]

Can anyone help me with getting a pair of these in the uk?

10/05/13 @ 20:42
Comment from: Jack Lam [Visitor]
Jack Lam

Even though they no longer officially sell these, is there anywhere I can get a pair? (39/40)

04/15/14 @ 21:53
Comment from: Bill Herr [Visitor]  
Bill Herr

I have worn the Speed LR now for long time and love them. Sadly they are on their last legs! I work in high end spas as a massage therapist where black is the standard and these shoes have been perfect. If I would have known they were being discontinued I would have bought a bunch and put them in archival storage.

The agility these shoes afford in my dance around the table is wonderful, and most of my guests are intrigued. It opens the door to discussions about functional anatomy!

I had an email exchange with a gal at Vibram and she was firm that this was a one off for REI and we would never see anything like it again! I tried to make the case that it was fine to address the cool active markets, but then when we need to go into dress situations we need something like this.

Was the volume of sales too low or returns to high? Will we ever know.

I too would love to find some left over inventory! (Size 47)

When does 2014 happen!?

04/27/14 @ 02:41

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