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Bedrock Cairn Adventure Sandal Review

Bedrock Sandals has released a new line of adventure sandals with a brand-new strap system aimed for tackling rugged terrain and protecting your feet from any obstacle you may encounter. Click through to see my thoughts on the Bedrock Cairn Adventure Sandal!

Bedrock Earthquake 2.0 Sandals

The Earthquake 2.0 from Bedrock Sandals makes numerous improvements and updates on their previous 1.0 (and V2) designs, while maintaining the familiar “feather-cap” look that Bedrock Sandals are known for.

Most of the improvements were aimed at…

Bedrock Sandals Earthquake V2 Review

About a year ago, I reviewed the original Bedrock Sandals followed by a review of the Earthquake Sandals.

Nick and Dan, the barefoot running friends who Kickstarted Bedrock Sandals the company in 2011, have released an updated pair of Earthquake Sa…

The Bedrock Sandals handled even this rocky terrain

Bedrock Sandals Huaraches Review

As a fan of huarache sandals for running and casual wear, I welcome the chance to try another interpretation of the classic minimalist footwear. Bedrock Sandals began as a Kickstarter project in which the two friends and founders, Nick and Dan, were su…