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Gladsoles ECO Huaraches Review

The ECO is an interesting new model from Gladsoles that is made entirely from upcycled car tires. There is 5.5mm of rubber for tons of groundfeel and flexibility. Huarache lovers and “Born To Run” readers should definitely give this one a look!

Read on to hear my thoughts on this eco-friendly, custom-cut huarache!

Shamma Sandals Classic All Browns Review

The Classic All Brown Shamma Sandals provide a leather-strapped alternative to Shamma’s velcro-strapped options, including the previously reviewed (and praised) Jerusalem Cruisers and Warriors; and Shamma Mountain Goats.

The “All Browns” are very…

Shamma Sandals Mountain Goats Review

For the past three weeks, I have been enjoying the latest offering from Shamma Sandals: The Mountain Goat. This model provides the most protection of any other Shamma Sandal and is aimed at rough-terrain hiking and running.

If you are new to Shamma, I…

Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud First Look Review

Xero Shoes continues to innovate on the class huaraches design with the release this week of their new “Amuri Cloud” barefoot sandals. What is this “Cloud” that I speak of? It’s a design feature of the Amuri Xero Shoes that reduces weight and improves…

Sensori Venture Xero Shoes (P)review!

Xero Shoes has started teasing their impending release of the Xero Shoes Sensori Venture, an out-of-the-box ready, huaraches-inspired design that takes the guesswork out of tying a pair of everyone’s-favorite-barefoot-sandals, employing a wholly new lac…