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Merrell Barefoot Collection 2011

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Merrell Vapor Glove 2 Review

Overview of the Vapor Glove 2

Merrell’s latest iteration on the original Vapor Glove

What Merrell Says

Feather light and breathable, this barefoot run shoe liberates your trail run via foot contact with the ground thanks to zero drop. The washable,…

The Merrell Barefoot Bare Access is a zero-dropped "transition" shoe from Merrell intended to be used as an intermediate tool to go from regular, heel-lifted and more cushioned running shoes to a more minimally soled, cushion-less shoe.

Merrell Barefoot Bare Access Review

Is there room for a “transition” shoe in the toolbox of the would-be natural or barefoot runner? Is the shortest distance to learning barefoot-style running going straight to full-bare feet? Or is there room for shoes like the Nike Free or the Reebok RealFlex? Enter the Merrell Barefoot Bare Access – a review.