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Vibram Five Fingers Trek Sport [Barefoot] Toe Shoes

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Ultrarunner, Jon, running in the Stone Mill 50 Miler

Evolution of an Ultrarunner in Five Fingers KSOs and TrekSports

What follows is the Jon’s journey from running marathons in traditional shoes to running the in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs an then later running Ultra Marathons in Five Fingers Trek Sports. After the jump, read about his successes and the bumps he enco…

Father Dorn’s Conversion to Five Fingers

In the beginning, Father Patrick Dorn, wore traditional running shoes, but he recently switched to Vibram Five Fingers. Here is Fr. Dorn’s story:I’m Fr. Patrick Dorn, priest at “runner friendly” Church of the Apostles (Anglican) in Evergreen, Colo…