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TUNE Footwear Penny V2

The TUNEfootwear Penny V2 is the latest shoe in TUNE’s line of lifestyle minimalist shoes. It features a wide toebox, flexible lightweight sole, and preppy looks.

If you are looking for the benefits of minimalist shoes for wear at the office then check…

Tune Footwear Penny Loafer Review

Before I even I started writing for BirthdayShoes, I?d been searching for a pair of minimalist dress shoes to wear for work. I?ve had a couple good options from VivoBarefoot that I can wear on casual Fridays, but I?ve been waiting for someone to come a…

Meet Tune Footwear: Barefoot-Friendly Dress Shoes

Meet Tune Footwear: Barefoot-Friendly Dress Shoes

A few months back BirthdayShoes became aware of Tune Footwear. They are a nascent minimalist shoe manufacturer focused solely on bringing to market men’s footwear that could fit in in the office environment — in the form of the age-old men’s style, the loafer.