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The 2011 Vibram Five Fingers Komodo Sport will arrive soon!

The 2011 Komodo Sport has arrived! Click here to purchase it at REI. This is the first model available in Vibram’s 2011 Five Fingers line-up. Click here to read Justin’s review of this exciting new model designed for fitness/cross training that could be…

The 2011 Komodo Sport will arrive soon! Click here to pre-order it at REI. This model will soon be available as part of Vibram’s 2011 Five Fingers line-up. Click here to read Justin’s review of this exciting new model designed for fitness/cross training that could be used for just about any activity.

Komodo Sport Product Description

Designed for cross-training, the FiveFingers KomodoSport multisport shoes take the popular KSO and introduce a friction-reducing footbed to enhance comfort.

  • Stretchy uppers hug feet and offer quick-drying comfort; breathable stretch-mesh panels keep debris and grit out
  • Adjustable instep and heel straps secure with rip-and-stick closures to provide a snug, supportive fit
  • Individual toe slots enhance dexterity, control and stability to help deliver a natural motion
  • AEGIS Microbe Shield® antimicrobial treatment helps control odor development
  • Seamless 2mm polyurethane footbeds reduce friction underfoot; EVA arch shanks help provide light support
  • 4mm Vibram outsoles are made of nonmarking Vibram TC1 rubber and feature traction pods that follow the contours of your feet and toes for enhanced traction
  • Recommended for running and fitness; in order to allow your feet to adapt to using different muscles, gradually increase usage of these shoes
  • The Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport shoes are machine washable in cold water; air dry only
  • To determine size, stand with heels against a wall and measure from the wall to the tip of the longest toe; use the longest toe length in conjunction with the size chart

Pre-order now at REI!

* This post originally said that the Komodo was available for order at REI, but we later found out that they are just taking pre-orders for delivery next month. We’re sorry for the mistake.

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I’ve been waiting (VERY patiently) for this model to come out – I clicked the link as soon as I saw it, but then had to wonder why the stinking thing wouldn’t add to my cart. Then I noticed those pesky “backordered” asterisks. 🙁

I’m pretty sure the page is up merely as a placeholder until stock arrives in a month or so. I don’t think anyone out there was able to order them. I could be wrong of course.

Does anybody know what the sizing is for this Komodo Sport model? I went back through the initial article for any mention of sizing. I’m curious if it will be the KSOs or the Classic/Sprint sizing. I wear a M41 in the Classic/Sprint and a M40 in the KSOs.

I was definitely able to order them on Saturday, despite a back-ordered status. I checked back again and any mention of them being back-ordered was removed, although now its back to square one. I actually just got this email this morning;

Greetings from your friends at REI. Thanks for your recent online order!

Your order consists of one or more backordered items. We cannot provide estimated arrival dates for backordered items, but we will ship these items as soon as we receive them in our warehouse. We will notify you via email when these items ship.

Order # : 52310300
Product Unit Price Qty Total
Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport Multisport Shoes – Men’s
REI Item# 8112020014 $99.95 1 $99.95
Subtotal $99.95
Shipping $9.99
Tax $6.60
Order Total $116.54

I pre order my pair. I called REI and they told me that the first batch it’s been released feb 12 and that iam on the list to get one of those pairs :).

I contacted REI after I put in my order for

Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport Multisport Shoes – Men’s
REI Item # 8112020055

Online live chat support said they will be have them on February 12 (confirmed)

I changed the post to reflect the fact that they are available for pre-order only. Thanks! We’re sorry for the false call when they appeared to be available.

Anyone know where to pre-order the black/gold versions of these? I was going to replace my KSO’s (destroyed from overuse/ snags) but I can wait for these.

The black/gold is the only colored VFF’s I’d wear,I get enough comments as it is with solid black ones.

I just pre-ordered the Black/Silver/Gray Komodo Sports in a 42. I love my Black Kso’s and Brown Treks. I was so excited when I saw this post since i thought they wouldn’t be out for several more months, Thanks for letting us know!

At the post 2 above me- according to the specs on the site, the Komodo sport has the same thickness footbed as the traditional KSO. I’m not sure about the “light arch support,” but other than that the only thickness difference on the bottom of the shoe should be the extra .5mm on the outsole for the extra traction tread.

I can’t wait to try them on and test them out for myself!

Sorry, I just wanted to add that I also just contacted asking when the shipment would come, and if i would be part of the first incoming shipment and this was their response:

“The Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport Multisport Shoes, item 8112020030, are estimated to arrive in our warehouse around February 12th. There are plenty coming in the first shipment to cover your order, so yes, you are in line to get the first shipment.”

Sweet! (Confirmed)

How can you know your right size?
I can’t find anywhere size equivalences for this model nor any comment i about sizing in any advanced review.

I haven’t had the sizing issues that some people seem to have. I have tried on Kso, Sprint, Smartwool Classic, Kso Trek, Kso Treksport, and Bikila and I was a 42 in every one. The ONLY exception is the flow’s, I was a 44 in flow’s so I would definitely recommend going up 2 sizes.

The Black Kso’s and Smartwool Classic’s are a bit more snug than the rest, but not enough to size up.

Based on the fact that the Komodo Sports are basically a Kso/Bikila hybrid I’m confident i will be the same size.


I ordered mine according to what the sizing chart recommends for KSOs, Bikilas, etc. I wear a M41 for my Sprints, so I ordered a M40 for the Komodo Sports. Given how similar they are to KSOs, I feel confident, I’ll be fine.
On another note, REI will exchange any product at any time if you are not 100% satisfied with it. So if you get the wrong size, they’ll make it right… even if you realize this after wearing them for a month.

Just ordered mine 43 black/silver/grey. I have had issues with size on my bikila’s with 1 toe only, but no problems with my KSO trek in a 43, so I went with the 43 for these too. I can always change the toebox again like I did with my Bikila’s.

Thanks for sharing your impression. I can’t afford sending a pair back to REI, one way international shipping fees are already onerous enough. I tried Bikila M40 and were too snug, whereas Trek in the same size have even become too loose (at least to wear without socks). If Komodo fit like KSO (other than black) M40 should be OK, but if fitting runs similar to Bikila I’d better pick a pair of M41.

@Cameron Walkup
Why not? I used to run mountain races in light road running shoes, lighter to climb up and more accurate to step in the descent.
I guess the grip won’t be so good but you will gain a some stability on pavement.
Another advantage is that if you run in Trek on abrasive hard surfaces like pavement the rubber will wear up faster, or at least the cleats will. Komodo cleats are flatter and much wider, so they will last longer.

I’m with Steve on this one (See comment above re: arch support and insoles.)

I hope they do more to get closer to barefoot. This new model is less barefoot and more running shoe.

JtL, they are already closer to barefoot with the Classics, Sprints or regular KSOs. I personally enjoy the KSOs for running better than the Bakila, which was designed for running.

I am not sure what kind of running the Komodo Sports are for. Maybe trail running on well kept trails where you don’t wnat the KSO Treks, or someone that doesn’t want to get as minimal as the sole on the KSO is.

I can offer some advice on the fit of the Komodo when compared against other models. I would say that the fit is closest to the TrekSport. I have what I would describe as a high volume wide foot and while the KSO is a slightly snug fit for me in a 43 the Komodo offers a stretcher upper and a bit more overall volume creating the best fit experience i’ve had to date. I would comfortably say the best fit guide would be the TrekSport, if you own KSO’s you’ll find the fit slightly more spacious but not longer or shorter. The highlight is the ankle cinching method, it seems to wrap around the heel very well with even pressure and comfort.
The biggest element I feel the Komodo offers over the rest of the range is it’s ability to deal with lateral movement, Very focused to the Gym or Cross fit. If there was a pair of Fives that was suitable for Tennis this would be it. I’ve found it’s sole pattern not as effective in wet conditions on smooth surfaces as the BIkila or Trek which is odd as it is quite aggressive.
Hope this helps



I can’t find anywhere that it says what it’s use is so does anyone know the list of it’s primary uses? To me it seems like a running and hiking shoe also for everyday use. Your opinions? Thanks!

Very excited for this shoe to come out NOW!! Love the Bikala, I just wish it had more lateral leeway.

@Dylan~I think that is what concerns me the most; if I were to think of purchasing the Komodo, it would be for its Cross Training performance with a HEAVY emphasis on lateral movement. The training I’m involved in is predominantely plyometrics and intense lateral sprints. Would you say this shoe would withstand the test in those areas?

I ordered mine shortly after this post was up and got the following message today:
“Your REI order for the following item has been delayed. Your merchandise will remain on order with REI for 30 days after which time we must cancel unless you contact us. To keep this item on order please reply to this email or contact us at 1-800-426-4840. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Did anyone else get such a message?

@Scott, yes that is standard. Just email them and say you want to keep to order (if you do). I got a quick response back stating they hope to ship on FEBRUARY 12th. You have to email them back, it is due to their computer system. It would delete your order if it is backordered to long.

Thanks Andre. Before you I saw your post, I called and they confirmed what you said – they are expecting them to arrive at the warehouse on Feb. 12. She said to add a couple days to process them in the warehouse, then 5-7 days for shipping (though I usually get my REI orders in 3 days). I’m sure I’ll have them on my feet by the end of February!

What morons they are at VFF to not make KSO’s for men who are about 9.75 to 10 inches in length. Even though the sizing chart says there is a 38 and 39 for both respectively, I’ll be damned if I can find a website which carries either. Even the websites carrying the fake VFFs don’t carry them either, lol. They all start at 40 or 41. Also, if the komodo sport is going to be available soon, why hasn’t anyone added it to the sizing chart? Doesn’t it make sense to do that for those folks who are pre-ordering? Being as the komodo sport is the one I really want, with my luck, when they do update the sizing chart, I’ll find out VFF doesn’t make a pair that’ll fit me for that model either. I guess I can flush the idea of getting a pair down the “komode”, pun intended.

Man I can not wait for these shoes! I thought they wouldn’t be out until April/May so needless to say I’ll be purchasing these as soon as I can! I’m a little worried about my Morton’s toe issue, think the middle toe mod would work for these vibrams as well?

I wear VFFs, for the most part, for fashion. The Biks, TrekSport, Trek, KSO, and Flow are in constant rotation in my world. I also got the same REI backorder message when I placed my order for the Komodo a couple of days back. I really need to buy stock in the company..

I got an email this morning that my Komodo Sports have been shipped! They shipped from PA (I’m in TX) via USPS priority mail. I think there’s a chance I’ll have them by Saturday!

Now I just hope they fit.

I just got my Komodo Sports! They fit exactly like my KSO Treks except the velcro strap is longer, which is good for me because I have a tall foot. I plan on running in them tomorrow, since I just finished a 6 miler today in my treks.

Got mine yesterday in Hillsboro… REI didn’t have any instore, and their selection of other sizes in different styles were really limited at the Hillsboro store. Noticed that the Shoe Mill down the street did have them, but they only had the women’s version, and only in blue/yellow … tried ’em on and they felt great! Was only planning on getting some Sprints or KSO’s … but wound up with the Komodo’s.

I’m a 9.5 size in sneakers, so I have a size 42 in the Komodosports. I’ve had them for 4 days, and my only problem is the discomfort on the inside tip of the big toe, where the fabric & rubber meet (toe nails clipped). The other toes have space, but do feel tight at times (foot planted, lifting toes only). I had a size 43, but returned them because by fisting my toes, my middle, index & pinky toes could pop out of the toe pocket. Should I give the size 42 more time to expand, or go back to the size 43, tighten the heel strap to the max, and hope my feet expand to fill out the toe pockets? The discomfort is not unbearable, but I’d like to enjoy the FiveFingers as others do. Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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