Comment from: Evert [Visitor]

Fred, did you compare the Bikilas to the Komodosports?

05/22/13 @ 10:00
Comment from: Fred [Visitor]


Not directly, no. He wore his even more extensively than I did and said they worked perfectly. The one thing I would say is that after inspecting the soles of my Bikilas, there was some noticeable wear and tear on the TPU portion of the sole under the arch of the foot. This was due to the sharpness of the lava flows we were walking on. If I were to be walking around on lava flows like this all the time I would want to get a different pair of fivefingers for a little bit more coverage underfoot, but for the short trip I was on the bikila's worked fine. I imagine that the Komodosports were better, with more of the vibram rubber across the whole foot than the bikila. Hope this helps

05/23/13 @ 18:13
Comment from: Fred [Visitor]  

Video recap of our trip for whoever is curious!


Not many shots of toe shoes but they were there, I promise! We just didn't take too many pictures of our feet.

05/27/13 @ 00:09

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