Comment from: Stan [Visitor]

Thanks for the review. I've been looking forward to reading about the Tribute. I own most of Topo's offerings and my all-time favorite are the STs. If this is a slightly thicker version of the ST then I think I will love this pair too.

I'm not sure how I feel about those see-through uppers. The big disadvantage for me here would be that I can't use them in winter time but other than that, I look forward to having them on my feet.

I agree with your assessment of the Fli-Lyte. They feel very structured and are on the thick side. However, runners used to traditional shoes will definitely find them thin and light.

Lastly, I thought that the earlier Topo models looked better from a design perspective. These new ones makes me think of Spalding or Champion shoes that can be found at Walmart. Maybe it's just me but I hope they reconsider their designs.

Thanks again for coming out with great review. Keep up the great work!

10/29/15 @ 10:17
Comment from: [Member]


While the Tribute is thicker than the ST, the sole has a very flexible foam, so the overall groundfeel and flexibility are similar (if not a bit better in terms of flexibility).

I really like the uppers, they are very airy and provide some of the best ventilation I've ever experienced in a closed toe shoe.

However, this ventilation does affect winter use, but I will usually run in sandals in the winters of Boston; once you get going, things keep warm. The only thing you need to be careful of is getting your feet wet.

In terms of the Fli-Lytes, I completely agree with you. Shod runners will find them to be an interesting transitioning shoe.

I think that the Fli-Lytes are not are good looking as the Runduros (especially since they lack the BOA system), but Tribute is a great looking shoe, in my opinion. Definitely more interesting than the blue ST.

I'm glad you enjoy the reviews. Keep running!


10/29/15 @ 11:22
Comment from: [Member]

The major problem my feet have had with previous TOPO shoes has been a molded/structured "arch" that while not a true arch, was definitely a noticeable structure that pushed up into my midfoot.

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but do the Tributes have such a structure to the last? I have flat feet, so I feel anything upwards on the medial side.


11/09/15 @ 02:14
Comment from: Owen [Visitor]  

I look on here to see what Topos are out and this is the first on the page, thanks man. I started developing a cyst behind my knee from being too long away from my minimal shoes and bought the gym model of the Topos. I love the cable lacing and they're good for walking the floors of the gym as well as treadmill runs.

11/23/15 @ 00:29
Comment from: [Member]


The ST had a bit of a mold, but the Tribute does not have that same issue.

Check them out!


I am a huge fan of the Bolo system that TOPO uses, but I wish that they would incorporate them into more models (and other manufacturers should use them as well!).

Overall, I like the LS system from Vibram the most, followed by the Bolo.

You should check out the Halsa, which is their dedicated gym/weight lifting shoe

11/23/15 @ 09:09
Comment from: Bart [Visitor]

How does the toebox fit compare to Altras? Narrower? Wider?

12/24/15 @ 10:00
Comment from: [Member]


I would say that the toebox is wider than Altras, just by a bit.

Wide feet are happy!

02/24/16 @ 15:49

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