Comment from: Farah-Abi [Visitor]

I wore my old KSOs in Italy! In Rome, I could feel the heat from the black cobblestones!! I wore them to the Forum and I found they were somewhat rough from the rocks and ruins.

In Florence, I had very funny interactions from other tourists. A German woman took a picture of my feet at the top of the Dome of the Duomo and at Santa Maria Novella a Japanese tourist wanted to take a picture (but no pictures are allowed in the church) and he called over his whole family to look at my shoes. He called them "Ninja Shoes."

I have now gotten brand new KSO SportTreks, I think they are better for trekking around. :)

09/07/10 @ 14:27
Comment from: Anthony M. [Visitor]
Anthony M.

Hi I'm a Junior in High School. I really enjoyed this post, This is one of the main reasons I want a pair of FiveFingers. I've been begging my parents for a pair of Sprints and I'll be receiving a pair soon actually. Can't wait to show off my Sprints at school although, other High School kids might give me funny looks. Can't wait for the Komodo Sports They look awesome!

12/20/10 @ 15:01

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