Tripp, a new VFFer out in Austin, Texas, wrote in about his first week walking about on a trail in his Classic Vibram Five Fingers:


I just got my VFF Classics on Monday after lots of research from sites like yours. (Thanks!) After a couple of dry runs in “civilization” (ie the streets of LA), I thought I should take them out for a real workout on Mt. Laguna in the Cleveland National Forest outside San Diego.

Rocky terrain mixed with loose, sandy soil on the trail were no problem. (The big red ants, though, had me re-thinking the decision to not to get the KSOs!) But the shoes (and my feet) felt great all day.

Next up, some short runs on the golf course back home, more POSE training, and eventually a 5K.

Stay tuned.

Tripp from Austin

Keep us posted, Tripp!