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VFF Joggling the Philadelphia Marathon with Joe Salter

I got the above photos from Joe Salter who recently ran the Philadelphia Marathon in his KSO Five Fi

I got the above photos from Joe Salter who recently ran the Philadelphia Marathon in his KSO Five Fingers joggling. Joggling is a combination of running and juggling and according to Wikipedia, “Jogglers say that the arm motions of juggling with three objects feels natural with the action and pace of jogging.”

Joggling is a fascinating niche for runners and this is the first time I’ve heard of anyone running a marathon in Five Fingers while joggling.

Here’s Joe on both joggling and the marathon:

On November 22nd, 2009 I “joggled” the entire 26.2 miles of the Philadelphia Marathon while wearing my VFF KSO’s. Joggling is the fringe sport/activity that combines juggling and running/jogging. This was my 3rd marathon, but my first for joggling in the KSO’s. I’ve been joggling in the VFF KSO’s for around 3 months. For more information on joggling, go to: or my YouTube channel.

Race Highlights:

Set a PR finish time of 3:31 (15 minutes faster than my previous marathon in regular shoes with joggling, and 21 minutes faster than my first marathon in shoes without joggling)

I got questions and nice comments about the KSO’s before the race; but during the race people only focused on the “joggling.” Joggling kinda steals the attention from the VFF’s during a race …

Legs felt great joggling in the VFF KSO’s. Met one other runner wearing KSO’s during the race.

Three Jogglers (Two juggling three balls, and one juggling five balls) were in the full Marathon, thus setting a record for the most amount of jogglers in a marathon.

Best Regards,

Joe Salter
Pensacola, Florida

Way to be a VFF joggling pioneer, Joe! I wonder if joggling is starting to take off? Thanks for sharing your Five Fingers joggling experience with BirthdayShoes!

You can read more about Joe via this joggling interview he gave.

Finally, “Zataod” has a blogged dedicated to barefoot joggling. Check it out at Zen and the Barefoot Joggler.

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Thanks Ben and Gavil. Joggling is great-it is multi-faceted and brings a lot of joy and excitement to me and others.

Zataod: it confounds the data 🙂 Doing my best to add further complexity to the discourse on how to get the edge in running. Bring your balls and go nearly barefoot…:)

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