Chad decided to put his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs to the test at the Minnesota State Fair. He gave them quite a workout as he describes below:

I have had my Vibram KSOs for about 3 months now. I have been using them for running, biking, working out in the gym and lately just as my everyday shoes. But I decided they needed to do something a little different.

Every year my wife and I go to the Minnesota State Fair. It has been a family tradition going back to my Wife’s grandma, who at 75 still goes there to this day! If you have never been there, its very hard to describe the obsession that can form from the Minnesota State Fair. Over 1.6 million people attend during its 12 day run. Last year in 2 days my pedometer showed I covered 23 miles. Its a large place! So large, it has 2 sky rides to carry people across the grounds.

This year I decided the Vibrams had to take the Minnesota State Fair challenge. I put them on in our Hotel at 7:30AM and they did not come off my feet until we got home at 11:30PM. In one day I covered about 10 miles walking through cement, dirt, asphalt, carpet and gravel. All while dodging “horse apples”, strollers and various spilled food.

The Vibrams performed perfectly! After it was all said and done, my feet were tired, but not sore. I was definitely walking slower by the end of the day. There was one spot on the ball of my foot that I though was going to form a blister, but one never formed. The response to the VFFs were overall positive. I got plenty of strange looks and was stopped countless times by people to ask what the heck they were. As previous people have said, I wish I had business cards I could just hand out when people asked about them. I ended up repeating myself a lot that day.

Vibram Five Fingers really can do anything!

Thanks, Chad! It is always amazing to hear how well our feet can hold up when they are left to do what they are designed to do.

Chad got some black/orange KSOs from his wife for his birthday and wore them back for a second day at the fair. Chad said, “So they really are my Birthday Shoes.” See all of Chad’s great MN State Fair pics at Chad’s “onastick” flickr site.