Received the above photos of Mark taken at various places in Norway (Top to bottom: a fjord on the island of Tustna, on the top of Jørenvågsalen, and on the top of Fjellstua). Here’s what Mark had to say:

I have enclosed some pictures of me in my five fingers KSO’s taken during my trip to Norway this summer. (Fjell is Norwegian for mountain). I wore them for most of the time, including climbing two peaks of nearly 3,000 feet, canoeing, and trekking through forests. They handled everything well, although it would have been nice to have a pair of the new treks for the mountain descents…the thin KSO sole did mean I had to tread extra carefully so as not to bruise my feet on the way down. All in all I was very impressed with them as an outdoor shoe, it confirmed what I already suspected – these things are brilliant!

The three photos are:

– Near the boat houses on the fjord on the island of Tustna

– On top of Jørenvågsalen, the second highest mountain on Tustna

– On top of Fjellstua, a small mountain overlooking the city of Ålesund


You can spot a “Pantheist” t-shirt in the top picture — that is Mark’s band.

Thanks, Mark!