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Vibram Five Fingers Kid’s KSOs for Sale!

. . . and 7% off FiveFingers at Massey’s Outfitters with code BIRTHDAYSHOES7!Vibram Five Fingers Kid’s KSOsThe Kids KSO Vibram FiveFingers are finally available for sale! This release marks not only the last of the Spring 2011 Vibram Five Finger…

The Kids KSO Vibram FiveFingers are finally available for sale! This release marks not only the last of the Spring 2011 Vibram Five Fingers finally making it out into the wild, but also the first Vibrams for kids being available for sale!

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Many VFF fans were clamoring for kid-sized VFFs and Vibram finally answered the calls with this line of toe shoes for kids. We first talked about the Kids KSO here, and hope to have a review of some sort in the coming weeks.

Kid’s KSO Vibram FiveFingers—Official Specifications

UPPER – Poly/Lycra upper with breathable mesh panels.
SOLE – Vibram®TC1 siped rubber outsole for grip on slippery surfaces.
FOOTBED – Antimicrobial microfiber
Machine washable. Air dry away from heat source.

Weight: Kid’s size 30 – 2.8oz. each, 5.6oz./pair

Details: Do you remember the liberating feeling of running barefoot in your backyard as a kid? Children inherently understand the benefits of being barefoot whether it is better balance, enhanced sensory perception or just the liberating feeling of the ground beneath their feet. Unfortunately, outdoor debris and other hazards have forced parents to put traditional shoes on their children—casting their feet at an early age. By popular demand, Vibram has designed a line of FiveFingers footwear so our younger friends can experience the same benefits that our customers have been raving about for years.

The VFF KSO for kids features many of the same benefits as our traditional KSO: thin, abrasion resistant stretch nylon upper, a single hook and loop closure for a secure fit, and a non-marking 3.5mm Vibram TC1 performance rubber sole—razor siped for a sure grip.


You can get Kids KSOs now at Massey’s Outfitters!

Massey’s Outfitters has the Kids KSOs in stock now. They’re $59.99 — get them while they last!

Note that Massey’s also offers free shipping over $65, so if you’re just getting Kids KSOs you’ll miss the threshold, so here’s a foot friendly tip snag a a new pair of KomodoSports, Jayas, or Bikila LSs—Massey’s just got stocked in those, too!

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Any idea as to how we size these? The size chart they have on there is only for men and women- doesn’t go down to a small enough size.

Maybe someone can pass it along to Vibram, but those “T” and “Y” sizes are hardly a standard convention themselves. I looked around the web and am providing links below to the best “comparison” tables I could find between the length of a child’s foot and where they fit on the “T” or “Y” scale – but what you see is that none of these agree with the other. I’m providing them anyway, just in case it helps someone. I’m thinking personally I’ll rely on the most “conservative” sizing from the Zappos site. I’ll repost later to let folks know how it works out:


Tried the 7% discount and it was never applied and now i cant contact anyone at this “store” Kayak shed was much more helpful in the past.

“Unfortunately, outdoor debris and other hazards have forced parents to put traditional shoes on their children—casting their feet at an early age.”

And because it is compulsory for kids to wear shoes while in the school!
BTW, they should also make them in 1-tone brown and/or black to make them more acceptable to censorship authority.

I ordered a pair of girl’s size 30 – commensurate with the 12.5-13 size chart. Will report back in 10 days after they arrive.

As far as the colors offered, I would like to see Vibram offer a more muted color scheme – not because I fear censorship, have you seen the Twinkle Toes line from Sketchers? – but more for hiding the mud and dirt that’s a real issue up here in the Pacific Northwest.

I agree that going by Toddler & Youth sizes isn’t a very good way to measure for these. EVERY shoe seems to fit differently and those sizes are far from uniform. However, I think checking out the Preschoolians site and their measuring device would be very helpful for those wanting to order these. My son wears a 31 in Preschoolians (last I checked anyway) so that is what I would order in these since they are also Euro sizes.

I just got 2 pairs and I HIGHLY suggest going up a size. My son wears between a 13.5-1 for regular shoes and just getting the fives on him was a struggle. When I finally got them on, the extra material in the toes was rubbing and caused his toe to be super tight. I tried on the size 32 (his sister’s size in normal shoes) and they were perfect. Same situation with my daughter. I am returning these 2 pairs..size 31 and 32 for a size 32 and 33.

They both commented on how awesome they felt (minus the toe issues) and wanted to go run around in them. When they get the size up, they can!


Can you measure you kids feet with a ruler (like you do for adults VFF’s) and post along with the size they need? I was going to buy my son a 31 but am now wondering if I should go up to 32.


I sucked up the $60 price tag and tried to outfit my barefoot enthusiast 6 year old but he was frustrated by the difficulty of putting them on and it became clear that I was better returning them rather than hoping he would ever make the adjustment and wear them on a regular basis. I understand that Merrell’s barefoot kids’ line will not release until fall and so I am seriously considering having some Luna sandals made for him in the meantime.

I need help on the chart for kids kso it says it only goes up to a size 3.5 am i reading it wrong or is that really small for an 11 y/o who cant fit in mens or womans sizes

My kid I measured 6 1/2 in..he’s 6 years old…not sure if I’d go for 29 or 30??
I don’t quite understand the vibram sizing chart for kids..Hope someone can advise if they brought one for their kids and what size they got based on foot measurement vs the sizing chart as baseline..thanks..

Question do the finger shoes runs bigger or smaller from the average shoe size in the little girl size? She wear a size 13 in sneakers.

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