Justin (not me) sent in a few photos his fiancee Ashley and he took for their engagement. Congrats, you two! Here’s what Justin had to say about the engagement (as well as some great toe shod photos!):
Hello, Our names are Justin and Ashley and we took some of our engagement pictures wearing our vibram five fingers. The location is Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO. We also plan to wear vibrams when we get married. I’m wearing the black leather pair of Trek LS and my fiance is still looking for a pair. She is thinking of wearing the Jaya lr. We wanted to do something unique that incorporated the outdoor exercising enthusiastic people that we are. If you have any questions please let me know. Thank You, Justin and Ashley
It looks to me like you guys have started your engagement on the right foot! Yes, I just said that. Congrats! If you’re up to no good in your toe shoes or whatever minimalist/barefoot shoes you’re into, let us know! We’d like to feature your story here!