Comment from: barefootnyc [Visitor]

I've had so many pleasant conversations with strangers since wearing VFFs I can't count. I would recommend them as social ice breakers, if nothing else. In New York people tend to keep to themselves, but quickly open up at the drop of a hat--or the sight of shoes with toes.

The other day I walked by several rugged looking construction workers on break, and one of them exclaimed, "Whoa, those are hot! Pointing at my VFFs. We talked for several minutes.

07/19/09 @ 16:58
Comment from: Deirdreelise [Visitor]

I just received my Performas in violet,ordered from Travel Country,no waiting.I have to say the color is more "cassis"than "violet" but I had to have them!I also want the black which I tried on for size at City Sports here in NYC.A decadent foot indulgence for me...

10/14/09 @ 09:19

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