Comment from: Kris [Visitor]  

My 4 year ol son has these too (in blue). The shoes are holding up fine, only downside is that the velcro fastening tears apart quite fast, i tried to glue it back but after a while it's off again. Otherwise great kids shoe.

10/18/13 @ 17:04
Comment from: lowwall [Visitor]

I have a love/hate relationship with vivobarefoot. Love because they are about the only minimal shoes that actually fit both my son's and my high volume feet. Hate because they are overpriced, purchasing through the website is a trial (often out of stock and slow and expensive shipping), and quality is unpredictable. I wear through the sides of their adult shoes (Evos, Aqua Lites) in around 6 months. Ultra Pures are good for 3 or 4 months before I wear through the bottom, but that at least is understandable.

My son is on his 4th pair of Rootys. They also last around 6 months, but at least he's growing fast enough that by the time they are worn out, he needs a new size anyway. I've also had quality issues with these. The velco strip on the upper strap tends to separate from the leather (vinyl?) part. I end up sewing and/or gluing it back together.

For my shoes, I keep an eye out for them at leftlane sports and theclymb and normally manage to snag my next pair at a discount before the current ones are gone. But I haven't found a way to avoid buying the Rootys at full price except once I lucked into a sale at the company website when they were in stock.

The issue to me is that they have decided to market what is essentially a mid-price show in their home market as a premium shoe here. Still, they fit better than anything else and that trumps the rest for me.

10/18/13 @ 18:42
Comment from: [Member]

I am a huge fan of Vivobarefoot shoes. I think they are worth the price for the quality and the fact that they have lasted a really long time. I want some for my daughter, but I just can't imagine paying that much money for shoes that will be grown out of in such a short time.

10/22/13 @ 16:24
Comment from: Aaron [Visitor]  


I hope someone sees this. My 5 year old is a really bad "toe walker", and he has also been issued shoe inserts from a foot doctor. He is always complaining that his feet hurt, and the shoes feel too tight. In my humble opinion, I feel that his issue is that his toes are cramped. We just bought him size 12 wide in the "traditional", little kid's heavy shoe with no toe box.

If I buy Vivobarefoot shoes for my son, do you think it's safe to ditch the insoles that support his arch?

Thanks in advance for your time!

05/20/17 @ 16:29

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