Comment from: Laura [Visitor]

Thanks for the review. I recently picked up a pair of these on sale at REI. After putting them on, I immediately wanted to buy another pair because I felt like I had found the perfect non-VFF road shoe. (I'm still battling that desire to get another pair since I'm afraid they'll mess with the sizing and my EU 43 size feet will no longer fit the W11.) I have only worn these with socks, my usual preference and have had no issues. I've taken them on runs alone and with my poorly trained and somewhat erratic dog. They give great ground feel, comparable to my SeeYas or EL-Xs. I've also worn them around just for running errands. I'm close to certain I'll be getting another pair soon. Mermaid feet sound good.

08/10/13 @ 23:30
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

That was an excellent review. After reading it I'd like to throw in my two cents simply because we seem to have a lot of things in common with the shoe.

I got my Vapor Gloves a few months back after reading Jason's review. I wasn't sure about sizing, and I queried a lot of people trying to establish the size. I do use the Trail Gloves and many said the size was the same across the board. Well, they were wrong… These shoes run fairly large.They are so large, in fact, that after several months of wear I can look inside and see a good inch of space between the end of my toe imprint and the end of the shoe. But, as you mentioned, I can tighten the shoes down a bit and they stay in place just fine. The biggest problem I had, though, was that when running trails that extra shoe material turned into quite a trip hazard. I took the shoes on their first trail run and managed to do two face plants. :)

As for the uppers, I must agree with you. They do feel good on my feet, but they do rub my toes. Generally I don't like to wear socks, so I put tape over the hotspots. This works to a point but perspiration soon released this tape from my skin and the chafing began. Of course, since I primarily run barefoot, I could simply take the shoes off and continue my journey. Another issue with the uppers is that they are not too durable. I had just got over 100 miles on the shoes when I noticed I was starting to punch through the top with my big toe. Of course, this could be due to the extra length of the shoe.

All in all I would rate the shoes as a good purchase. They're very comfortable for walking around and it worked perfectly for running on the paved surfaces. I expect I will buy another pair in the future and will get them a bit shorter. I definitely would recommend the shoe for barefoot runners who want something for those rough patches of road when a barefoot just won't do. They're also great for knocking around in and general wear although I suspect the soles will wear through quickly.

08/18/13 @ 10:01
Comment from: Max [Visitor]

Thanks for the info

09/18/13 @ 16:18
Comment from: JenH [Visitor]  

I bought a pair of the merrell pace gloves in july or august of this year, with a view to starting to transition to more of a forefoot run, and having decided that "barefoot" was the way forwards for me. I was covering 10km comfortably, but not at any great speed, regularly walking sections.

I started by wearing them round the house, then walking to the shops, then doing a half hour session of Fartlek, or sprints or similar...

Now, in November, i've joined a running club, using their hour-long indoor sessions to really focus on my form, and to prepare myself as best I can for my goal next summer of completing 10 10km fell/trail races (and running every step of at least 2 of them!)

These shoes are fabulous, I can forget I'm wearing them, I love the feel they give me, and the improvement in my running since starting to use them regularly is incredible. And, apart from the smell, they are as new... there's very little wear to the tread, and they still look smart.

I, for one, highly recommend them!

11/22/13 @ 10:35

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