Comment from: Gerald C. [Visitor]
Gerald C.

Kudos for another informative review, Leah! While it may not be "great" in the minimalist shoe category, it could still very well suit the needs of those that are interested (good that you listed the pros as well as the cons). Maybe the next model will address the issues you mentioned and improve upon them. Thanks again!

03/29/12 @ 22:35
Comment from: Diego A. [Visitor]
Diego A.

Hi Leah, I think your reviews are great . . . but had to make some comments on this one, in particular, to share my experience as a fairly long-time wearer of this shoe.

Although VB has been marketing this as the "amphibious" shoe, I think they've actually missed it's greatest strength - as a wellness/comfort shoe.

While I do run in this shoe on occasion, I honestly wear them more as my "minimal" casual do-everything shoe. Like you, I live in sunny SoCal, so whether permits me to wear them without the sock practically year round. I wear them for light roadwork (<4 miles), walks, at the gym, shopping/errands and the like. For these things, they are spectacularly light and comfortable. They've been my most-worn shoe for the year or so that I've had them.

Surprisingly, despite their marketing materials, the Ultras aren't great at the beach, on gravel, or along streams where loose sand and debris can get in the shoe and sometimes take a few steps to flow back out. (You catch onto this in the review, but I tend to favor w/o the sock so my experience is a bit different).

For me, the worst thing about them is the squeakiness. The best thing about them is how comfortable they are, along with the fact I can hose them down after an afternoon at the track and they're dry in about 30 seconds.

Keep up the good work, and have fun while doing it!

04/16/12 @ 18:41

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