I went in because I’ve had pain on the outside of my right foot for some time from an old injury that may have involved parkour amongst other things. I’ve noticed since I’ve been using my KSO Treks that the pain has subsided and I wanted to see what was going on there. My main foot man, Rich said, “Well let’s take a look with an x-ray”. That was the point when he noticed them. He didn’t know what to think of the “gloves on my feet”. So, I asked if I could get an x-ray with my Five Fingers on. He said, “Sure, I’ll just burn it to a CD for you”. Whatever that is, lol. So, when he looked the x-ray, he noticed that the pain was from a small extra bone I have just right there. He thought it was maybe an on going fracture. but now it maybe tendinitis from this extra bone. I can’t help but give some credit to these shoes.