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I've gone through many pairs of minimalist shoes since transitioning over the past year. The Xero Coalton is my favorite casual boot/shoe, right alongside Lems Primal2 for casual/active wear. The styling is simple and stylish. They remind me of the popular Eastland ankle boots I had growing up in the early 90's.

If one prefers the thinness of Vivobarefoot or VFF (I do not), this might not be a great fit. The soles for me are not too stiff at all, and did not take long to break-in or become more flexible. I also have a pair of Lems Nine2Five, and find myself wearing the Coaltons nearly every day. The soles are far more flexible than the Nine2Five, in my opinion, and flex better along my foot. I've reserved the Nine2Five for somewhat dressier occasions and the Coaltons for everyday. The straps do a great job of harnessing my heel in place as well. A lined/warm version would be great, as my feet still get rather cold in the Oregon winter even with wool socks. I returned a pair of the Daylite Hiker because the materials felt cheap and inflexible, odd looking, and not at all suitable for substantial hiking.

My only complaints about the Coalton are that I'm not fond of the leather laces, and I'm unsure about the shoe holding up over time. Sure, the sole is very durable, but the upper is a rather thin leather and some of the threads look quesetionable.

01/17/18 @ 01:25

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