Comment from: chirmer [Visitor]

Wow, what a unique and funky shoe! The split toe is kind of weirding me out, but I am LOVING the round toe black/black model on their website! The price is pretty great, too! Will definitely need to check these out more...

02/08/12 @ 11:56
Comment from: Noah [Visitor]  

more minimal than the new vibram seeyas?

02/08/12 @ 12:46
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]  

I was really interested in these, but the material and soft sole leaves me questioning how durable they are. How do you think they'll hold up over time?

02/08/12 @ 16:11
Comment from: Lewis [Visitor]

I have a couple of pair of ZEM's. Their 360 and the Ninja Hi and I find them to be fairly durable. I like them and find them to be much warmer in the cold than my vibrams. You may also want to look into jika tabi (whick essentially is what the 360 split toe is based off of) if you want a slightly more durable sole.

02/08/12 @ 17:22
Comment from: Zach [Visitor]

How thick are the soles? Similar to a KSO? Komodo?

02/08/12 @ 18:29
Comment from: [Member]

@Zach, I would put the soles in the same ballpark as the KSOs.

02/08/12 @ 19:14
Comment from: Alissa [Visitor]

I have these Originals, and my big issue with them is the sole is too short and I walk on the seam attaching the sole to the heel of the main fabric. Is this an issue with the 360s? I have been hesitant to order another pair of Zems because of this. Can you get a better picture of the sole/upper attachment? Both off and on the foot?

02/08/12 @ 19:57
Comment from: Meredith [Visitor]

I would totally buy these...if they came in something not so (ahem) flashy.

02/08/12 @ 20:29
Comment from: Bryan [Visitor]

I have the same problem with my originals as Alissa. They are super comfortable if I am not moving, but as soon as I moce, I am stepping on the seam at the heel and it gets uncomfortable very quickly.

02/08/12 @ 20:42
Comment from: Josh [Visitor]

I have been doing most of my running in ZEM since August. I first bought the "Playa High" model, which has a much thinner sole than the 360. With those, you felt EVERYTHING. They wore out pretty quickly (a couple hundred miles) on the forefoot, but for the price I wasn't upset.

I have both models of the 360 and like them quite a lot. I prefer the round. Had them about 2 months, close to 100 miles and still in good shape.

02/08/12 @ 20:50
Comment from: Noah [Visitor]  

more minimal than the seeyas?

02/08/12 @ 21:39
Comment from: [Member]

@Noah I have not tired either but weight wise the Zem is around 2.5 and the SeeYa is 4.8oz. each, 9.6oz./pair. So they are half the weight. I would say that is more minimal.

02/08/12 @ 21:47
Comment from: John [Visitor]

Ditto on the seam. Any problems with it?

Does anyone know if they've changed the O2s sole?

The original design is really stupid, but it's supposed to have a better sole.

02/09/12 @ 04:15
Comment from: [Visitor]

how is the breath-ability? better air flow than five fingers? just curious if you wore the zems barefoot, if it would make for super sweaty feet.

02/09/12 @ 11:14
Comment from: Bob [Visitor]

I wonder how the plain black, solid toe models would be as some sort of "BUSINESS SHOE"? I have a hell of a hard time finding anything that fits my wide toes (about a 14/47 in length, almost square toes). These look better.

02/09/12 @ 18:08
Comment from: Lewis [Visitor]
I tend to wear mine barefoot and breathability is so so. I much prefer my zems in the winter as they are much warmer but I haven't noticed major foot sweating issues at all. Hope that's helpful.

02/09/12 @ 23:25
Comment from: Brandiesel [Visitor]

I have a pair of the original split toe lo. I was wearing them quite frequently and they never got stinky like my VFF Jayas (Granted, I had to work those Jayas pretty hard to get them to that level of ripeness - they are my favorite for running).
The thing I didn't care for much was the fit. They were sort of baggy about the heel which made me scrunch up my toes to get my foot positioned correct in the "shoe".
But they were inexpensive - so meh.

02/10/12 @ 14:45
Comment from: ZW4 [Visitor]  

The 360 is the best of all the ZEMs as the "mesh" is not a part of the sole like the ZEM Originals or the ZEM Playa Lo. So for those that fear you will be walking on the mesh in the back, this is not the case. (BTW, I hated that "short sole" with the Playas so I use them as slippers around the house)

If you search You Tube (, you will see that the sole is different than the rest. It covers the whole length of the shoe. I really think Zem is finally started to get the point. -- Plus these are designed with running and training in mind.

But the shoe is EXTREMELY comfortable and easy to put on. I currently have the Split Toe and will be getting the Round Toe shortly.

I hope this helps.....

Happy Trainings!

02/12/12 @ 06:26
Comment from: Tara [Visitor]

Where are these shoes made? I can't find any information on where they are assembled.

02/29/12 @ 04:23
Comment from: Ben [Visitor]  

I'm currently running with Bikilas and I'd really like to give a try to the 360.
I live in Taiwan, anybody knows how I can buy one pair from here?


03/08/12 @ 00:57
Comment from: Askrates [Visitor]

I just got these yesterday. They are almost perfect...
But as some people have noticed there are thick seams inside the shoe. For some it irritates the heel, for me, it is the big toe. The seam is pressing on the area below the nail, meaning I can only wear my new 360s for a few hours at a time :(

04/17/12 @ 05:13
Comment from: George [Visitor]

I'm surprised that people say the 360s are so comfortable. The sole is harder than other Zems and the edges curve upward and press into your foot. The slight raise of the soul at the front clipped my toes all the time (its too short to be a toe box, if that's what they were going for) but high enough to get in the way. I used them once then sold them, big disappointment. The O2s are a better fit for me (I have the round toe), but after wearing them for a few hours it gets uncomfortable because those straps across the top are too tight (I wear a UK10 and ordered a US11 - not sure how a size up would feel) - it leaves indentations across the top of my foot, to give you an idea. The originals were great though - sole doesn't last too long, but they feel great. I have the split toe and the round toe - and I have to say the split toe is much more comfortable. It fits my foot better and feels less tight (I have the same size for both). I'm assuming a split toe O2 would be perfect. BUUT, this review is about the 360s and overall, of the 4 Zems Ive had they were the worst.

04/28/12 @ 06:55
Comment from: Bellla [Visitor]  

I'm Looking Into The ZEMGEAR Unisex Ninja Low Split Toe, The Fila® Womens SKELE-TOES 2.0 & The Vibram in SPRINT. But I Don't Want To & Don't Have The $ To Buy The 80$ Vibrams. Out Of The Ninja Low Split Toe, & Fila SKELE-TOES 2.0 What One Would You Recommend.

I Will Be Toobing, Walking, Swimming, & Such. at Schlitterbahn Water Park. What Would Be Best For That.


05/14/12 @ 04:23
Comment from: [Member]


I'd go Sprint personally -- just try and find them on sale! You might have some luck here:

05/14/12 @ 11:51
Comment from: Sam [Visitor]  

Hmmm, I just spent a long time typing out a review before it was lost in the submission. Grrr. I'll just get to the point then:

Very comfy and easy to slip on, feels great on your feet and you can feel the environment very well.

I wanted to like these shoes, I really did. But, problems have arisen.
First, airflow. I don't know whether it was because I decided to wear them without socks, but I sweated up a storm in them. With sweat comes slippage inside the shoe, not good. This loses the power and take-off burst of energy that the split-toe enhances, and when I say loses, I mean that all the advantages are lost because you start-stop-start inside your shoe before you actually begin moving.

The sole is tragically thin, and has started wearing out after two hours of light training of parkour, which is tougher than running, granted, but still. The traction itself is not too good either, with the shoe being quite slippery on most surfaces, even steel where most other shoes can at least get a grip, these ones slide off quite easily.

In summary, these shoes are fine for running, and with that heel seam that people are talking about, they also encourage fore-foot running, which with this sort of shoe you'll need to do. But for near anything else, you'll have sweaty feet and bad grip both inside the shoe and out.

I'm sorry Zem. If anyone at Zem feels the need to ask more about this or this particular post has drawn their eye, just send me a message.

Hope this helps everyone. Adios.

09/01/12 @ 18:01
Comment from: Ethan [Visitor]

hmmm vibrams are better.

these sort of leave your feet more vulnerable, especially in wet conditions as they can't keep out water not even dew from grass.

from experience zemgear gives away foot protection for stretchy 'breathable' fabric - which still makes your feet smell.

then there's the waterlogging it does to your feet when wet.
they get pruned and gritty. and as I'm sure we all know that can lead to a weird case of trench foot...or in winter black toes.

at least vibrams or other minimalist wear don't completely desecrate and expose your feet - rocks and glass are killer in zemshits..yes zemshit to the max.

I could go on and on about experiences with the CS and the product but I believe you get the idea.

12/14/12 @ 11:21
Comment from: noel [Visitor]

is that billabong brand also? cause i saw some old billabong shoes same barefoot design :P

04/08/13 @ 16:09

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