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More on the FiveFingers Trek, Glove plus the Cortina, Moc, and Performa

As a follow-up to the last post on the new fivefingers Trek and Glove comes a bit more information pulled from a scanned February 2009 edition of FN (Footwear News) [PDF] that was found by barefootnyc and posted to the forums. This was in their "Buzz" section (Bracketed words are inferred in place of words chopped off in the PDF file):

[Italy-]based Vibram ix expanding its Five Fignerse collection with winter-[sho]es for fall '09. For men, the KSO Trek — a version of the popular KSO [— ha]s 4 millimeters of EVA in the midsole and 3 millimeters of Vibram's TC-1 [performanc]e outsole. A new, lugged tread design adds traction, and a suede or shear[ling lined? $]125 and $140, respectively) supplies warmth. For women, a midcut, fully [lined] winter boot called the Cortina will retail for $290. the Performa and Moc styles, for women and men, use thin kangaroo leather in the upper for tear resistance and feature pods of Vibram rubber for flexibility in the outsole. Both versions, available in multiple colors, will retail for $110, with a shearling women's version for $140. All models are slated to deliver to outdoor, comfort and running shoops on Aug 1.

To sum up, we've got the:

  • Five Fingers Trek — suede or shearling, lugged, slightly thicker sole, and has 4mm of padding (pictured here)
  • Five Fingers Glove — kangaroo leather with rubber "pods" instead of the standard single-piece rubber sole, which should provide for maximal toe freedom Note: this may be what's referred to as the "Moc" or "Performa" in the above FN piece (pictured here)
  • Five Fingers Cortina — some sort of fully-lined boot only for women
  • Five Fingers Performa — maybe the same as the Glove? Maybe something different?
  • Five Fingers Moc — maybe the same as the Glove? Maybe something different?

Still trying to piece this all together until we get something official from Vibram. If you hear anything, please let me know!

Other posts regarding new Vibram FiveFingers models:

Sprint Vibram Five Fingers and Big Foot in Manhattan from Brian

Sprint Vibram Five Fingers and Big Foot in Manhattan from Brian

Brian (barefootnyc in the forums) sent in the above photo of his Sprint Vibram Five Fingers taken in a New York park atop a sculpture of a big bare foot. Here's what Brian had to say about his size 47 Vibram Five Fingers compared to the foot sculpture:


Was walking through a park in Manhattan and came across this big foot. Included size 47 VFF sprint for scale.

The foot, by the way, is part of a playful sculptural ensemble by the artist Tom Otterness in Battery Park City, which is downtown along the Hudson River.


Here's another photo (Pop-up, link is off site) I found of the "big feet" from the Otterness sculpture.

Strike a Pose! Ben in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs with Dr. Nicholas Romanov of Pose Running

Strike a Pose!  Ben in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs with Dr. Nicholas Romanov of Pose Running

From the photo mailbag comes a photo of Vibram Five Fingers fan Ben alongside Pose Running method founder Dr. Nicholas Romanov. Ben is striking the quintessential "pose" in his black KSO Vibram Five Fingers.

Hey Justin, here's a pic of me in my black KSO's with Pose running creator Dr. Nicholas Romanov, taken at a recent running clinic in NYC. Keep up the good work!

Pose running is a technique created by Dr. Nicholas Romanov back in 1977. From the PoseTech website, the method is billed as "Efficient, injury-free movement taught through poses. Use the Pose Method techniques to prevent injuries and to dramatically improve your athletic performance."

Ben is striking a "pose" in his KSO Vibram Five Fingers in the above photo with Dr. Romanov. I asked Ben to share a bit more about Pose and here's what he had to say:

I've been running Pose for about three months and am still learning each time I go out. Yes, that is a not-so-perfect attempt at me in the Pose position. The KSO's are my only running shoes, and I feel that they help me get my technique down better than if I used a regular heeled sneaker. I think the funniest comment I've gotten wearing them was during a run in Central Park, and some small child turns to his mom as I ran past and said "Mommy, why isn't that man wearing any shoes?"

Not surprisingly, Dr. Romanov has reviewed fivefingers here (Also listed on the Birthday Shoes Five Fingers Resources page!).

Thanks for sharing Ben! I'd like to get an in depth overview of both Pose and also Chi Running for the Vibram Five Fingers community (if any of you would like to write up something to post on birthdayshoes.com, please let me know!).

And thanks for sharing Ben!

Vibram Five Fingers Sprint Montage by Aaron

Vibram Five Fingers Sprint Montage by Aaron

Aaron emailed in the above Vibram Five Fingers Sprint "Montage" of photos taken around the UCLA campus. Aaron noted:

I just bought a pair of Vibram five fingers Sprint. I love them! I attached a montage of pics taken during my walkabout campus yesterday.

That photo in the top right of the montage is, indeed, a men's bathroom urinal from a public restroom, illustrating that Vibram Five Fingers can be used to get you anywhere*.

* Has anyone else experienced a bit of minor hesitation prior to entering a public restroom while wearing your VFFs?

Sarah's Starry Toe Socks with Black Vibram Five Fingers Classics

Sarah's Starry Toe Socks with Black Vibram Five Fingers Classics

In the mailbag from Sarah:

Hey when I saw Nathan Owings shoes I had to get some. We are in the same gaming community and he told me about your site. I was at my house lounging on the hammock rocking out in my black classic vibram fivefingers. I think the star toe socks make the picture. ^_^

I think Sarah's combination of starry toe socks and black 5-finger classics works fantastically*, so I asked her where she got them for anyone else who might want to know:

I just got the socks at a store called rue 21. I remember when toe socks were really popular when I was in highschool. Now they seem pretty hard to find, after finding these shoes I hope toe socks come back in style. ^_^ It was nice at first since my feet weren't used to the shoes, but now that they are, they are comfortable without the socks as well.

Thanks for sharing and glad you're enjoying your fivefingers!

* Though I'm pretty sure I couldn't pull off starry socks, maybe I could do plaid ... perhaps while wearing a kilt?

Vibram FiveFingers & Z Health: Moving and Feeling Even Better.

Written by guest author mc of begin2dig.com

If you're at birthdayshoes.com it's likely because you've either caught the vibram five fingers bug and are happy to go about in foot gloves, or you're thinking about diving in and getting a pair. Or perhaps you've heard some of the great things about "freeing your feet" and want to learn about how to get as close to bare as you can, er, bare. Excellent!

In this article, birthdayshoes.com's author Justin Owings has kindly invited me to talk a little bit about how to enhance some of the benefits of freeing your feet in VFF's with a neuromuscular training approach called Z-Heatlth developed by Dr. Eric Cobb, DC.

I'll overview some of the Z-Health concepts below, but the take away message is that complementing the foot freedom afforded by VFF's with just some Z-Health practice enables you to have better movement, improved reflexes, more energy and likely fewer aches and pains.

That sounds like a tall promise. But really, our bodies are pretty well designed for movement already. It's our lifestyles that aren't. So the more we can help our bodies remember and perform what we're designed to do — which is where the Z-Health neuralmuscular training comes in — the better we function overall.

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