Comment from: Joe Blount [Visitor]
Joe Blount

I think for those days when I don't want to wear my VFFs these are a good option, and for the price it looks like a great deal. Thanks for the review!

04/15/13 @ 16:19
Comment from: Cody R. [Visitor]
Cody R.

just bought some keen coronados for 30 bucks since i decided i need something normal... only bummer is that they're fairly heavy (12 ounces or so) for those times i don't feel like winning an argument foot or shoe related (not trying to be condescending!)

wish there was a list of casual shoes like these that are barefoot-ish
-toe box
and all that jazz

cool to see something more geared in this direction

04/15/13 @ 16:59
Comment from: Mountain Evan Chang [Visitor]
Mountain Evan Chang

Nice! I didn't even know there was such a thing as "durable canvas." I need to ask, how is the toebox?

04/15/13 @ 17:55
Comment from: ruairidh [Visitor]

what's the toe box like? it looks a bit pointed from those photos

04/15/13 @ 21:16
Comment from: [Member]

@Mountain Evan Chang and ruairidh - Toe box is ever-so-slightly snugger than I prefer. If this were an athletic shoe I think I would've come down tougher on it for this, since I like to have a lot of toe splay when being active. But since it's a casual shoe the toe box wasn't quite as noticeable. Granted, I did take out the insole and so alleviated some of the tightness. Long story short, I think ANI has some minor kinks to work out but they're definitely headed in the right direction.

04/16/13 @ 23:57
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]

I'm glad someone finally reviewed these on here. I've been wearing these almost exclusively for the past two months. I have the all black version and they are by far the best looking minimalist shoes that i own. They look really slick with black pants or dark jeans. I wear them without the insoles and while they could have some sort of cloth covering it has never bothered me as long as I'm wearing socks. The pricing is also really good at 65$ and the construction is very sturdy too which is something that a lot of minimalist shoe companies don't pay enough attention to (I'm looking at you vivobarefoot). My only real gripe is that the toe box could be just a tad wider. Without the soles it's not too bad, I got used to it fairly quickly, but I would still like the option of a wider toe box. Also DEFINITELY order a size up, they run really small.

04/18/13 @ 00:21
Comment from: Kevin [Visitor]

I've had a pair of ANIs since January. Great shoe, honestly. They've held up very well. I personally use them as a training shoe when I go to the gym. I have gotten a lot of compliments on them.

05/24/13 @ 19:46
Comment from: ElBombDiggity [Visitor]

So glad I didn't buy the VivoBarefoot Dylans. These look soooooo much better!

05/31/13 @ 20:14
Comment from: are [Visitor]  

Does anyone know how much these shoes weigh?

06/21/13 @ 19:07
Comment from: Kelsey Baron [Visitor]
Kelsey Baron

I bought these a while back and was naturally excited as hell for a cheap, good looking minimalist shoe. Unfortunately they rarely get used due to the narrow toe box. I know the author warned about buying a size up, but I really feel as though they would then be too big. I can wear them for short outings, but the idea of spending an entire day with my pinky toe having pressure on it is less than worthwhile.

11/22/13 @ 00:00
Comment from: Bruno [Visitor]

I want a wide toe box no matter what the activity is. Lems, BeReal, SOM and sometimes Vivobarefoot are the only shoe makers that get the toe box thing. I wish there were more stylish options with minimal shoes.

I wish Vans would make wide toe box shoes.

05/23/16 @ 22:45

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