Comment from: Yvonne [Visitor]  

I totally ADORE my KomodoSports! As with Shuhong, the moment I first put them on they felt so right! They are incredibly comfortable for me and fit perfectly, particularly the Blue/Yellow colorway. I also have the Black/Gold/Grey colorway, and they fit more snugly despite being the same size (39) as the other color. This has happened with more than one pair of these two colorways (I would love to try a size up in the Black/Gold to see if they then fit me as well as the Blue/Yellow). Anyway, I wear the blue ones consistently for running, usually paved trails or chipsealed roads, sometimes dirt trails. They just feel so great! I have never had any rubbing, discomfort, hotspots, etc. Pure joy! I ran a race on forest trails wearing my KomodoSports, and I was passing people that couldn't get a grip to run uphill, or were afraid to slip downhill, or were carefully avoiding mud and puddles, or had to slow down over rocks and exposed tree roots....It was wonderful :-D
Shuhong, I am glad you were able to get yourself a pair and they work so well for you too. Enjoy!

11/13/12 @ 11:33
Comment from: Eric Mann [Visitor]  
Eric Mann

Great story and good choice! My first set of Five Fingers was the KSO. I use them for all of my weight workouts and some intervals on the treadmill. I then got some Komodosport LS that were my everyday shoes, even at work, since March 2012! Love these things. Well, since I am not much of a runner, but am working on it, figured what better way to transition that's start in them anyway. Still not a great runner, but better in my Five Fingers than anything else. Just feels so right in the Komodosports. Have done 2 5K runs in them and learning towards them for a 7 mile off road race tomorrow. Shouldn't be too muddy, so they should be about perfect.

I still want to add some lighter color Bikila LS for summer wear, but nothing breats the overall comfort of the Komodosports. They have even been replacing the KSO's more and more in the gym!

Keep up the good work!

11/16/12 @ 21:18

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