Easily the most tangible compliment of this site I’ve ever seen, the above photo is from Marisa of her tattoo of the BirthdayShoes 5-toed fives logo. I was floored and flattered when I saw the photo and asked Marisa if she could tell me a little more about her story and how she got to getting this tattoo. Here’s what she said (plus a few photos of the most worn out pair of Classic FiveFingers I’ve ever seen!):

… Well this is pretty much how i got into barefoot running:).. I started running in 8th grade, and I used regular tennis shoes at the time, until I rolled my ankle and tore a ligament. I hated wearing any type of shoe anyway, so this made me hate them more! So I decided to start running barefoot. No shoes, just bare nothing. I thought it’d be better because I wasn’t so high off the ground. It was, in the beginning but I would get cuts and stuff and it was just no bueno. I stopped running for a while 🙁 which I hated because I love to run.

Now, sophomore year came around and I was just surfing the web, and I was looking up ‘weird things’.. And across came Vibrams. Ha I was amazed when I saw them because they’re different and cool looking and light! So I researched on them and found all this info on what they can help, prevent, and improve. So curiousity got me—I had to buy me some.

So begging my parents to get me some, they finally did. I got the classics. And I wore those babies out! LOL I actually have a picture of them.. I wish they were fixable-but they are long gone. RIP Classics:

I now have my beaten classics, my bikilas, and soon to arrive Jaya LRs which I am uber excited to get! I got the tattoo because it means a lot to me and your logo was the best way I could describe it through a picture on my skin. And when people see it and ask the significance of it, I educate them on vibrams and barefoot running. I’m going to school to become a kinesiologist/sports nutritionist, so I love learning about and sharing my knowledge on stuff like this in order to help others in making right choices.

First off, how about those Classics? I have never seen such a beaten up pair of toe shoes in my entire life.

Second, it’s really great to hear people are inquiring to know more and you’re spreading the word about the benefits of getting a little closer to barefoot (or going all out if that’s your thing). I’m just, again, flattered you chose to do it via a logo I designed.

Take it easier on those Jaya LRs, Marisa!

(And don’t wreck yourself on your other longboard either)