Comment from: markus gerat [Visitor]
markus gerat

ugly. very vulnerable inner sole and a much to thick outer sole. only for people which wear five fingers only once a week for some hours. not for everyday wearer

09/17/13 @ 10:37
Comment from: [Member]

Markus - Thanks for the comment. Not sure what you mean by vulnerable inner sole. The medial part of the sole is narrower than the Spyridon for instance and is also primarily just foam and no rubber. As far as vulnerability though, for it's intended use in golf or as an everyday shoe, I don't think there would ever be an issue with your foot not being protected. I've also worn the Trek sole hiking and in Tough Mudder races without issue.

I would disagree that the sole is too thick and not an everyday sole. It's entirely a matter of individual preference, and perhaps it is too thick for you. For me it's really not much thicker than other VFF soles (especially after alot of wear). And I find the small amount of EVA very comfortable when I'm on my feet all day every day.

09/19/13 @ 20:06
Comment from: Station 30 [Visitor]
Station 30

Those look okay, and nice right up. I have played golf in Vibrams before (Bikila's and Trek Sports.) I have to agree with the problem regarding having wet toes, it sucks. I've didn't have problems teeing off on dew covered tee boxes, and angled lies weren't a problem either. Know that if the grass is damp your feet will be as well. If conditions are dry these things are perfect, and they really help with balance.

10/16/13 @ 06:44

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