The Birthday Shoes Barefoot Running (or for most of us, Barefoot-style running!) T-shirts are finally here! Lose your shoes and free your feet! If you’ve not seen the great design Luke Radl put together for, here’s a close up of the front and here’s the back!

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And here’s what the back looks like in real life on my dining table:

Wear this shirt if …

You think barefoot running represents the most natural way to run, which is why you run barefoot or close-to-barefoot as with Vibram Five Fingers or other “barefoot running shoes.”

You want to spread the word about foot freedom! And you want to do so by merely sticking out your chest!

You just want to support BirthdayShoes. You can alternatively support the site by donating and getting a sticker!

The Nuts and Bolts:

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(Click to Zoom)

For the time being, these shirts are only shipping to United States addresses* AND every purchase gets a free sticker per tshirt! Shirts 100% Cotton, white American Apparel T-shirts that are silk screen printed with one color on the front and two colors on the back. American Apparel shirts run a little small and/or are cut with an “athletic fit.” Cost is $15 plus $5 S&H. They will ship first class mail in nice little poly bags. Due to logistical issues (a.k.a. I have a full-time job and a 1 year old boss), shirts will ship ASAP, which should be within 48 hours of an order being placed (Exceptions: weekend orders). No returns, no refunds, and no exchanges.

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Men’s or Women’s BirthdayShoes “Lose your Shoes / Free your Feet!” T-shirt for $15 + $5 S&H:


2010.10.07 11:50 Women’s XL — out of stock
2010.10.11 1:16 Women’s L — out of stock
2011.05.26 Men’s S — out of stock; Men’s L — out of stock; Men’s XL — out of stock; Women’s S — out of stock; Women’s M — out of stock; Women’s XL

BirthdayShoes Fans in Free Your Feet Tees!

Note the first two photos are me (Justin) and I’m wearing a Large. The second photo is Mrs. BirthdayShoes in a Large women’s (out of stock, but the size is very similar to men’s small with slightly shorter sleeves on the men’s). After that is Josue of My Achilles Rupture. If you get a shirt, feel free to email me a pic of you in the Tee with your VFFs and I’ll post it here!

* I’m sincerely sorry to all the readers outside the U.S.; please understand that this is just a logistical nightmare as it is. If I can figure out a good way to ship internationally that doesn’t require me running to the post office every day, I will!

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