Above, a photo shot of Barefoot Ted as he runs in the Vibram fivefinger Treks (Zoom added for a better view!)

If you’ve been eagerly hoping for more information on one of the new Vibram Five Finger models—one of which is the fivefinger Trek—you’re in luck. Barefoot Ted has posted two great photos of the VFF Treks along with a review of the Treks over on his blog. Here’s a teaser of Ted’s review (You’ll have to head over to his blog for the rest!):

When I first put these shoes on, I knew that I had finally felt the most comfortable VFF yet. The kangaroo skin’s soft side is INSIDE the shoe…so your foot is encased in smoothness. Under 6 ounces. Rugged. Breathable. Thank you Gawd!

These are the shoes that I am going to use for this year’s Leadville 100 mile trail race. As many of you know, I have done trail ultras in FiveFinger Classics, Sprints and KSOs, but this seems destined to be my favorite 100 mile trail shoe. Thank you Vibram!

Like I said, you’ll have to go to BFT’s blog for the rest (and one more photo!)!

You might recall that Barefoot Ted is a Vibram fivefingers tester and had previously commented on how he had been enjoying his Treks on longer trail runs:

Have you ever run 100 miles through the mountains in a pair of VFFs? I have. It gets tough…especially at night when you are tired on rocky ground.

The people at Vibram are thinking deeply about what they are doing…trying to preserve the flexibility and feel that is necessary for tapping into the incredible system of movement we have inherited from our ancestors while at the same time facilitating a more comfortable ride…just like all great indigenous hunter/gathering footwear does…less is more…but enough is good…and in certain terrains, this shoe will be a great solution.

In a nutshell, it seems the fivefinger Treks are basically a leather-clad, insulated, more aggressively-soled version of the fivefinger KSO.

Many of you would like to know how the leathered Treks react to sweaty feet (not to mention the loss of machine washability!) and I am trying to find out more and you can rest assured I’ll post anything else I learn just as soon as possible.

Thank you Ted for publishing this info!

Be sure to check out: barefootted.com

The original photo of the Treks from voycontigo.de