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The barefooting is commendable both for the human and the horses, but as a professional trainer myself, I would NEVER recommend wearing VFFs around horses. I have several pairs of VFFs and wear them whenever I can, including running, but you will NEVER catch me around horses in anything but boots or (as much as I hate them now) sneakers. VFFs provide little to no protection whatsoever to the top of our feet, and incredible, permanent damage can done if you find your foot under a horse's foot.

I was unloading a two year old filly from a trailer one day at a show a couple of years ago - she had never seen asphalt before, and decided to take a flying leap off the trailer's ramp onto the new surface. Unfortunately, she landed directly on the top of my right foot (stepping on toes is one thing, top of the foot is entirely different!). And of course, being an Irish Sport Horse, she still weighed about 1,000lbs even as a 2 year old. Luckily, I recovered enough to ride later that weekend, but that sort of freak accident scenario is exactly what's going to get people's feet torn into shreads if they're not wearing protective footwear around horses. The only reason I didn't end up with a torn up foot is because I was wearing leather boots. Feet and toes will still be broken in boots, but at least I won't have half of my foot hanging off the bones.

The following link contains photos of a girl who got stepped on while going barefoot around horses.

WARNING: extremely graphic!/album.php?aid=193583&id=196692248644&fbid=419373098644&ref=mf

09/03/10 @ 17:07

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