In the video above is Bob wearing black Flow Vibram Five Fingers. The video was shot at Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. at a massive snowball fight. If you didn’t already know, D.C. got nailed with a snowstorm that shutdown the city.

Here’s Bob on what went down:

Hey Justin!

It’s Bob. We’re deep in the midst of Snowpocalypse 2010 in Washington DC. We got over two feet of snow in the last 20 hours. It’s totally insane. The whole city is shut down. About 6,000 people signed up on facebook to attend a huge snowball fight at Dupont Circle. Antonie and I went. I wore my Vibram FF Flows. It was super fun!


Looks like everyone was having a great time! Glad the VFF Flows were keeping your tootsies insulated from the snow and cold.

We’ve previously seen resting his feet in KSO Five Fingers on top of Castleton Tower and training for the Marine Corps Marathon in KSO Five Fingers here.

Thanks, Bob! Stay warm!