Courtney sent in the above photos from a recent cross country race she ran in her black KSO FiveFingers. Courtney’s been running in here KSOs since the fall. I can’t help but notice Courtney’s resolve in the leftmost picture of the collage as she bounds up a hill in her VFFs. Her fellow racers look whipped but Courtney just looks determined!

Here’s Courtney talking about her experiences (and the reactions of coaches and fellow runners, too) with her KSOs:

I’ve been running in [my KSO Five Fingers] since November/October. I absolutely love them, they are the coolest shoes ever! 🙂

Other runners think that they are odd, interesting, cool, etc. One coach at a meet was bugging me about them and lecturing me about how I needed something with support and cushion, and did I have any idea how many pounds of force I was putting on my foot, etc. It’s very annoying getting talked to like you’re an idiot. But I raced in them at that meet anyways. 🙂

When I running, or walking around I can also hear people talking about them, pointing them out. I wish they came with a box of pamphlets so that I could answer more questions about them.

I’m also planning on converting my friend on the guy’s XC team by having him read Born to Run, because it’s appalling how the modern running shoe and “correct form” are based off of well-sold lies.

Sounds like your coach hasn’t seen the latest study showing that running shoes result in more impact being experienced than when running barefoot (or walking in high heels!).

Way to go against the grain, Courtney! Keep on spreading the good word, and eventually we may be able to turn the tide of misinformation!