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Dear Jarvis,

Just curious on your preference of the strapping systems of the earthrunners vs the shamma sandals. I own a pair of the earthrunners (backed them on KS) and am generally happy with them but the shamma sandals elasticated heel strap looks to be a very interesting innovation that may make slipping in and out of the sandal much easier. Also in terms of running comfort, i find that the plastic bit on the earthrunners do cause some annoyance on longer runs on my skin. Am thinking that the shamma sandals may provide some relief in this respect. Any thoughts?

02/02/15 @ 08:19
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The Elastic strap is only used in Shamma Sandals' Supercruiser sandals, which are actually older models.

You can still purchase them at their website, but they have since been replaced by the Jerusalem Cruisers and Warriors.

I believe that the elastic straps had too much give, so slipping occurred. This has been remedied with the JC and Warrior straps, which are ridgid, yet comfortable.

In my opinion, Shamma Sandals make the best running sandals on the market. They are tied with Gladsoles, which I also reviewed, but Gladsoles have to be tied, while Shamma Sandals have a simple velcro strap, which makes for easy on and off.

In addition, the straps are nice and wide, very comfortable for all kinds of runs.

I found the EarthRunner straps that go over the four smaller toes to be a little uncomfortable at first. This is mostly due to my own foot shape, but if you are experiencing any discomfort, I would definitely say give Shamma Sandals a try!

I recommend the JC or the Warrior. The Mountain Goats are a little too thick for my tastes


02/04/15 @ 14:22

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