FiveFingers Speed at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)

Tom a.k.a. “Tommodore64” took his Speed FiveFingers to the Penny Arcade Expo—or “PAX”— recently and saw 50+ other Vibram fans sporting their toe shoes over the course of the three day event — that’s gotta be some kinda record outside…

Tom a.k.a. “Tommodore64” took his Speed FiveFingers to the Penny Arcade Expo—or “PAX”— recently and saw 50+ other Vibram fans sporting their toe shoes over the course of the three day event — that’s gotta be some kinda record outside of a minimalist/barefoot running specific event! Here’s Tom’s account of the weekend:

I spent August 26th – 28th at PAX (That’s Penny Arcade Expo: Gaming convention for those not in the know) and wore my Speed LS VFFs the whole time! I got asked about them a few times in line (there was a lot of standing in lines) waiting for game demos. Odd thing, was that people asked me more about the socks I wore in them (injinji no show liners) more than the shoes themselves.

I wasn’t the only one VFF-ing it at PAX either. I saw probably fifty or sixty people over the course of the three day event in various models.

Last year I wore normal shoes and my feet were killing me by the end of day three. This time, it made such a difference to wear my Speeds!!

On a side note, its great that even the USNC from the HALO universe are embracing civilians and barefooting it on HALO. 🙂

– Tommodore64

Awesome to hear the Speeds—er perhaps better said, allowing your feet to be a bit more free—made for a less painful PAX experience this year!

Thanks for sharing!

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Its awesome that more people are wearing minimalist shoes to conventions and places where you stand all day. Being an expo vendor for 6 years at the end of an 8 hour day your feet hurt. In my “modern” shoe days I would wear insoles and rent carpet to “Pad” my way through the day only to have my feet hurt worse.
Last year I wore my minimalist shoes for the first time for a 3 day 10 hour a day convention and my feet didn’t hurt at all.

My only question about the above article is about the growth of minimalist shoes amoung “gamers”. Does it really matter what a gamer wears around the house? The fact the “Halo” guy was barefoot made me laugh. Did he wear his sweet pants and t-shirt as well? A great article either way.

This is very interesting to read-
IMO, this is one of the *few* activities
(along with standing concerts) where the minimalIsm
of VFF’s can become a problem, but I suppose more padded varieties would do better. If I ever wear VFFs to a convention again, they will almost certainly be Komodos.

However, I will *never* wear Classics or Sprints while standing/walking slowly on a hard floor for hours again-
that was a very painful mistake!

PAX 2011 was my second year on staff, and my second doing the entire con in VFFs. Last year, I saw a few people in them (both staff and attendees), this year I saw many, many more. I switched between Classics (for the flight each way), KSOs, and TrekSports. While I was tired at the end of each (18+ hour) day, by the time I woke up (with a whole 2-3 hours sleep!), my feet felt fine and ready to go again. I do think having the different pairs to switch between helped, as it let them dry out inbetween wearings. On Tuesday, after teardown, I checked the pedometer I’d been carrying, apparently I was walking about 20,000 steps/day during the con and only slightly less the surrounding days.

Tl;dr- PAX was awesome and I love my FiveFingers!

Yeah, those are ODST’s (marines), not “chiefs” (Spartans). Same game, different people.

Can someone explain his sidenote? I don’t understand.

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