Comment from: Frederick Schurger [Visitor]  
Frederick Schurger

Those are one well worn pair of Trek's!! I've been thinking about hiking more and more, but my Trek's need to stay pretty clean and sharp for my office (I'm only wearing VFF's these days myself, and it's the best thing ever!!) Of course, that just means I need to buy a new set to go hiking. Great to see people moving better with natural shoes!!

08/23/10 @ 13:06
Comment from: Ewa [Visitor]

I've been hiking and backpacking a lot in Treks lately and for 95% of the trails I love them. The only time I have any problems with them is when there is sand on a rocky slope down. While my 'regular' trail runners grip well, Treks slide. I wish I knew how to fix that problems then I would be hiking in Treks 100% of the time.

08/23/10 @ 21:20
Comment from: Ray [Visitor]

I also have Morton's neuroma - today I bought skeletoes (Fila) which are like the Five Finger Shoes - I ran on a treadmill without any pain - for the first time after over two years!

04/13/11 @ 22:30

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