In the reader mailbag (a few weeks back!) I got the following note from FiveFingers fan Nathan on his KSOs:

This past week I hiked with my wife and some of my family to the top of Mt. Leconte in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. I wore my VFF KSO’s for the whole 12 mile round trip with my Merrell Trail Gloves strapped to my backpack as my backup shoes. =) Other than some hotspots which BodyGlide took care of I had no problems climbing the 2700+ vertical feet to the 6593 ft peak and back. I love my VFF’s and I certainly enjoy hiking in them. I have been wearing them for about one year now and enjoy using them for cutting grass, errands, etc. I also enjoy the blog and check it frequently!

PS. My wife wore her Merrell Pace Gloves and enjoyed the hike as well. She won’t use VFF’s because of how they look. =)


I’m a big fan of hiking in FiveFingers, too. The added dimension of feeling the varied terrain through your feet amplifies the experience with nature.

Thanks for sharing, Nathan!