Comment from: Terral [Visitor]

I live in Southern Utah and have hiked the Narrows several times. It's a good test for any kind of footwear. Going up and back is the best way to do it since you don't have to get a permit and it's much less dangerous. We once hiked all the way through in early November and we had to carry out a kid that fell and got hypothermia. It was dark and nearing freezing temperatures when we finally made it out!

10/09/12 @ 13:23
Comment from: [Member]

What an awesome photo of the Spyridons and your shadow. Fitting for Halloween coming up. The Narrows sound like an amazing adventure. I'm surprised the wet Spyridons didn't give you any blisters.

10/14/12 @ 18:45
Comment from: ted [Visitor]

anything that that TREK-SPORTs couldn't handle?

i mean, let's face it all us vff fans:
vibram, in the name of innovation pushes
us all these new models.....
the only good thing i would suggest to vibram is: USE YOUR NEW UPPER MESHES WITH THE ORIGINAL SOLES!!
that's it. close the catalog and only
come out every few years if you have
a CHANGE WORTH making a new model for/after.
you can GO WILD ON CRAZY SPECIAL COLORWAYS for people to choose from,
and maybe send over their own colorways
(not design)ideas-make an on-line coloring wizard where people can place
their own jpeg files on an outilnes
of the ksos, for example and they will
get them via mail, providing ofcourse
they are familar with the unique sizing.
i have the ksos and the trek sports-
for me- they cover a wide range of my
barefoot affairs.
and CHRIS- what an inspiring story!

10/14/12 @ 21:38

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