Ian sent in the above photos taken before and at a recent gig his band played at a local bar:


I wanted to share these photos with you & the folks at BirthdayShoes. My band recently played a gig at a local bar, and I wore my VFF KSOs. The first shot is warming up with scales and arpeggios prior to playing and the second is a picture taken while we were really grooving on a tune. Both photos were taken by Ed or Kristin Ciechon.

I also run ~20 miles per week and do CrossFit in them as well, but the pictures are better with a bass in my hands! I absolutely love these things, and a couple more pairs are on the top of the Christmas list!



Glad you’re getting such good use out of your VFFs. It’s hard not to go from using Five Fingers in an athletic pursuit to using them elsewhere. They’re just so dang comfortable!

Way to rock out with V5Fs!