Where exactly is Cebu City and who wears Vibram Five Fingers there? With a population of almost one million people, Cebu City is located in the Philippines. Lavin and Lhar are technology teachers at a university there. Lavin comments on discovering VFFs:

My friend Lhar and I recently got ourselves a pair of VFFs each. He got the black KSOs, while I got the FLOWs.(I wanted KSOs, but some mix-up got me the Flows instead). We actually got introduced to VFFs and the whole barefoot idea from birthdayshoes.com. We are teachers at a University here. Being in the I.T. field, we are naturally geeks. So, we stumbled upon the Gizmodo article about Sergey Brin wearing his Blue KSOs, which then led us to birthdayshoes.com. This then took me to the nymag.com article “You walk wrong”, which made us get a pair of VFF’s! As far as I know, we are the only ones in the city to own a pair. I haven’t seen anyone else wearing VFF’s here.

Lavin said that his first few days in Vibram Five Fingers Flows were a little uncomfortable, but now that they are broken in, they feel great! He also mentioned the neoprene being a bit warm, but since he works in an air conditioned building, it is not a problem.