Comment from: Skoinas [Visitor]

Sweet. This is what happens when Kenny Powers becomes the mf'ing CEO. Stuff gets done! 😁

01/11/12 @ 23:51
Comment from: Mo [Visitor]  

I've wanted to drop this idea to you for a bit. I have been using VFF and NB minimalist shoe for quite some time. I have a very high volume foot with a high arch and instep. Most shoes any shoe with a sewn-in tongue and very little give across the top cuts-off the circulation in the tops of of my feet. I also get pain heretofore only experienced in ski boots.

Merrel and NB Trail are examples that I cannot wear. NB Cross works because the tongue is attached only at it's base and the laces allow room for my foot. Some VFF are ok. Just a point perhaps to highlight in your reviews.


01/12/12 @ 08:42

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