How cool is this girl? She recently ran a race in Germany sporting KSO Kids Vibram Five Fingers! Check it out:

This is Skye she is 7 years old. She recently got her first pair of kid KSO vibrams. The picture of her is running her very first America Kids Run marathon in Ramstein, Germany. She enjoys hiking, running, and playing hard in her vibrams. In fact she even tried to wear them to ballet class 🙂

Apparently, prior to picking up her Kids KSOs, Skye was running in New Balances. In her mom Toni’s words, Skye “really loves the vibrams.” And just in case you’re wondering, the “Kids Run marathon” isn’t 26.2 miles. These races start at a half mile and go up to a 5K. Skye ran the mile this year and will get to run two miles next year.

I asked Toni to share a bit more about how Skye and the family got into toe shoes and what she’s been doing in them since the race. Here’s what she had to say:

My husband is stationed in Germany he bought a pair of 5 finger speeds about a year ago, he swore that these were the best shoes he had ever owned. He put them to the test by running a relay marathon in Bahrain. When he saw that they were going to make them in kids sizes he jumped on the opportunity to get our daughter a pair. When we heard that they were hosting America Kids Run which is a tribute to children of military families Skye decided that she wanted to run in it and run with her Vibrams. She began training by running with our small dog Paris which is perfect size for her. She ran the America Kids Run Run on May 21st in Ramstein Germany and join with military bases all around the world who were running. She is planning on running in American Kids Run again next year and will run for breast cancer awareness in October.

After running the in the American Kids Run she has become addicted to her Vibrams. She wears them everywhere! She even tried to wear them to ballet. She loves that they can be thrown in the washing machine. Skye loves to hike in her vibrams. She says that she climbs better and run faster in them. As a parent I was impressed that after a couple hours of wearing them they had molded to her feet and she was able to get them on by herself with ease. These shoes are great because they are so durable. So glad that vibrams could make her first run a success.


This kinda thing gets me really excited about VFFs — it’s awesome that kids have a choice in footwear that is not only fun to wear, but incredibly functional.

Now if only they were cheaper!

Thanks for sharing Toni and good luck on your future running, dancing, and play, Skye!