Bit of a delay in posting last week’s latest reviews — I was out of town.

  • FiveFingers After Six Months at Not Buff, Not Brilliant [KSO]:

    Third — they are still useful for other applications. I wear these for Krav Maga classes and other conditioning classes that I do. For that, these are perfect. They are very light, and they teach you in a very painful way how to do a proper front kick to the bladder. If you’ve done it wrong, there is no padding to protect your toes from being broken or strained.

  • Vibram Five Fingers KSO Trek Review at BirthdayShoes [KSO Trek]:

    I think the FiveFingers KSO Trek will have a permanent place in the Vibram line-up due to its impressive combination of design, performance, materials, and aesthetic — all while maintaining a minimalist form-factor (The KSO Treks weigh in at under 6 oz/each “shoe” and under 12 oz total). I find myself wearing my Treks frequently nowadays for just bumming around.

    This is the my “official” KSO Trek review!

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