I’m a big fan of what Lems has brought to the minimalist footwear world. Men’s Lems shoes we’ve reviewed include the Primal 2, the Mariner, the Boulder Boot, and of course, the Nine2Five and the thread that runs through all these reviews is comfort and style.

The Nine2Five previously only existed as either a classic Black (photo) or a “Coffee & Cream” (brown leather, cream-soled colorway—photo). Lots of photos of both can be found here. Well, Lems just added a new colorway to the line.

Meet the Mocha! The Mocha takes the deep brown leather upper and pairs it with a dark brown sole, giving those of us who’d like a Nine2Five with a more conservative look an option for everyday work wear!

While I’ve loved my Coffee&Creams and worn them with everything from selvedge denim to khaki, brown, and even green chinos, I’d always wondered if the creamy sole of the Coffee & Cream kept them from being appropriately conservative for many office environments.

If you’ve wanted a pair of Lems Nine2Fives that suit your office fashion, here ya go! Head over to Lems and pick up a pair and let me know what you think.