Comment from: Shoeless Poimen [Visitor]  
Shoeless Poimen

Any thoughts on these versus the Merrell Trail Glove 4? I typically wear barefoot shoes and sandals so I recognize these particular Lems may feel a bit to stiff in the soul. But I will be in an area that is incredibly rocky and will appreciate having some sort of stone guard in the bottom. Since the Trailheads are currently on sale seems like a good time to investigate them. Definitely ordering the nine2fives while they’re on clearance either way.

05/30/19 @ 15:52
Comment from: [Member]

@shoeless poimen

Personally I'd just go with the Merrells. But if you want to block ground feel for hiking, that's of course totally fine and valid. There's nothing wrong with it. Ultimately it's your call and preference.

05/30/19 @ 18:26

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