Matt is a KSO Vibram Five Fingers runner and blogger at Run Luau Run. As he is about to turn 40 on the 22nd of December, Matt’s wife recently threw him a surprise birthday party, complete with the awesome cake pictured above depicting a pair of gray/palm KSO Vibram Five Fingers, made by Sweet Lisas. Matt wrote this about the cake:

I love the details of the heel pull and the VIBRAM label on the sole. My wife had the cake “imported” from Connecticut. It was made by our dear friends at Sweet Lisa’s. You may have seen them once or twice on the Food Network! They are awesome and can make anything…ANYTHING! Oh, and it was delicious!!!

I asked Matt if I could share his birthday cake with birthday shoes and he kindly agreed.

For all you VFF runners out there, check out Run Luau Run. Matt is working toward his goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon and blogs race reports and other thoughts from his training. One post worth checking out is his write-up on switching to FiveFingers. Here’s a my favorite part from his post titled “It’s Gotta be the Shoes:”

You want to run like you did when you were a kid? Like you didn’t care about anything other than the wind in your hair and the laughter in the air? Wake your feet up. Vibrams are the vehicle to get you back to the joy of running … just do it slowly.

Above are photos of Matt as he ran the Manchester City Marathon.
Above are photos of Matt as he ran the Manchester City Marathon.

Keep it up, Matt! Happy (early) Birthday, and thanks for sharing your impressive cake with the Five Fingers fan community!
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