Wouldn’t ya know it? Merrell’s much-anticipated Vapor Glove is now available for sale.

Check it out.

These are the shoes I reviewed a few months back (here). I’ve spotted the men’s in black at CitySports and the women’s in blue/orange or pink at REI.

The Vapor Gloves retail for only $80 (which means they ship free) and puts them only $5 more than the FiveFingers EL-X.

I mention the EL-X because in my opinion, the Vapor Glove and the EL-X are perhaps the two best “barefoot shoes” available today given their price and offering. In both cases, you get a super lightweight shoe. Both have very, very thin Vibram rubber soles that are incredibly flexible and transmit a lot of ground feel. Both even have some cutaway patterning for grip and rubber soles that wrap the ends of your feet.

The standout differences between the two shoes are obviously the articulated toes of the EL-X and the laces of the Vapor Gloves. And really, I don’t think you can go wrong with either shoe.

That said, the Vapor Glove has gotten closer than any other minimalist shoe on the market to embodying the “barefoot shoe.” It just nails the concept. If you fancy minimalist shoes, you at least should try these on.

And let me know what you think if you do!