New FiveFingers Speed Colors for 2012

When the speed style first came to market it was available in only two colors Black and White for male sizes and bright blue and whit for the female version. This will change next spring once Vibram releases several new color variations for the Speed s…

When the Vibram FiveFingers Speed style first came to market it was available in only three color variations black and white for the male sizes and bright blue and white for the female sizes. They also produced a primarily white with blue version for female sizes that was harder to find. This will all change next spring once Vibram releases several new color variations (“Colorways”) for the Speed style.

I happened to get my hands on some of the new men’s color combinations. Since I am photographer I had to bust out my lights and take some photos to share with everyone. If you are interested in seeing the new FiveFingers Speed colorways, continue reading after the jump!

Dark Brown and Tan Speeds

The Dark Brown and Tan Speeds

The first new FiveFingers Speed colorway is a dark brown and tan version. These will match quite well with a pair of tan khaki pants. Personally, I like this color combo more than the black and white version Vibram originally released. The brown and tan color scheme gives it a dressier look that I like very much.

Dark Blue and White Speeds

The Dark Blue and White Speeds

This next pair of FiveFingers Speeds matches a dark blue upper with a white and blue sole. The pre-production version we got also came with a pair of blue laces that matched the color of the blue on the upper. For simplicity’s sake I did not photograph those laces, and I am not sure which color laces the shoe will be shipping with. Personally, I hope it comes with the white laces. The white laces add a bit of contrast that looks better then the blue laces. I prefer this new shade of blue more then the ultra bright teal Vibram released for the women’s Speeds. This is a more understated tone of blue that will fit in well in most environments and wardrobes.

Orange and Green FiveFingers Speeds

The Orange and Green Speeds

Saved the best for last. I don’t know why but I just love this orange and green color combo. Have no idea what I would be able to match it with in my wardrobe but I really don’t care. Once I can get my hands on a pair of these I am going to wear them around town on a regular basis. The color combo reminds me of a pair of old school basketball sneakers. Personally out of all of the new color combos this one is my favorite.

Keep in mind Vibram can always make changes to these colorways before they are released. What I photographed (pre-production samples) may not necessarily look exactly the same as what is released to market. That being said where do I stand in line to get my orange and green speeds? While I am at it I might as well pick up a dark brown and tan pair for dressier occasions.

What do you think about the new colors? Which color combo is your favorite? Don’t like one of the color combos? Plan on picking any of these up when they are released? Sound off in the comments below.

By Robert

Robert Barr resides in Woodinville Washington. He is an avid FiveFingers enthusiast who enjoys writing about his experiences in minimalist footwear. After graduating from the University of Washington with a BFA in Photography he started [url=]Washington Home Tours LLC[/url] a local real estate photography company. He also enjoys being a [url=]Scentsy[/url] consultant. At the moment his favorite pair of FiveFingers are his Bormio boots. Get to know Robert better via [url=]his interview here[/url].

19 replies on “New FiveFingers Speed Colors for 2012”

I like these new colorways, but I’m confused about the last set of pictures. You’re calling that colorway “orange and green” but the pictures look more like “yellow and green” to me. Do the shoes look more orange in real life, or are they yellow?

Nice, thanks!
There is also a female color called lilac/white/grey , available from the very beginning as a sample through a German online store, and nowadays through Vibram EU.

The brown & blue are fine, I’ll probably get some of the blue ones. But that orange&green is pretty hideous! I’ve always wondered why Vibram uses the hideously color combos they do. I’ve been relieved at some of the less obnoxious colors schemes they finally started using so I can wear my FiveFingers to work. I LOVE my Black/White Speeds!

These shoes look so good. I tried them two days ago at Finish Line and my last two toes won’t budge. I’m still wearing Fila Skeletoes. Only if Vibram will create four fingers, I’ll be very happy!

@skip – definitely orange. The pads on the tips of the first two toes are orange, but you can see yellow on the last 3 toe tips. Mostly orange, but there are some yellow accents.

As for these colors, I love ’em. I really like the brown, but I find I don’t have a lot of use for brown shoes, so my KSO Treks and Merrell Tough Gloves get the least amount of wear, even though I like them the most.

Only thing I don’t like is I don’t see any reflective strips. I think all VFFs other than the pure leather ones, should have reflective accents. They all lend themselves to it and its users would be safer. When I wear my KSOs before dawn, I have to wear ankle bands that are reflective, and I don’t like to run on smooth surfaces in the Komodos.

No picture from the top? WTF? It’s what you see when you have them on, so it’s probably the most important perspective..

I like the brown and the navy. If I did not already have the black/white I would be all over the blue ones. No new VFFS in the budget unfortunately. If anyone wants to buy a lightly used pair of black/white in M42, then maybe. I will wait to see them in person before I make any rash decision.

does anyone know how to size for a gal to wear the men’s version? I would really like to buy the trek LS….but confused on what size to purchase. I wear a 41 in the women’s trek and trek sport. my grandson recently bought the speed in b&w in a 40, and they were tight on me. the new speeds coming out in the spring are awesome! not crazy about the green/orange, but the brown ones are fantastic! love the look! thank you so much for these reviews! keep them coming…I will now be waiting on those new colors….now…does anyone have a suggestion on the trek ls sizing or do they just not work well for women? thanks ahead of time for your help! 😀


I agree! Those new colors look good, but I definately prefer more neutral and sober shoes that I can wear with anything.

I can’t go with the men’s as my feet are too small.

The new navy blue are not bad, but I’d still prefer a pair of black and white Speeds. Vibram? Please make them available!

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