Comment from: Jim [Visitor]


I started running after 20 years back in January. I jumped right in with the VFF Bikila's. I love these shoes, but am having some minor issues with the muscles and the side of my right foot and calfs. Would you recommend the Nikes, or the NB Minimus for a primary shoe until my feet get strong enough for the VFF's?

Any help would be huge,


03/29/11 @ 13:19
Comment from: Justin [Visitor]  

I totally agree that you have to ease into the vibrams. I was too excited to ease into them regardless of my exercise science background and ran a 5k the day after getting them. BIG MISTAKE! It's been over a year now and the vibrams feel much better. I definantly recommend a transition shoe before going strictly to vibrams another shoe not mentioned is a company called NEWTON RUNNING they practice the pose method of running and their shoes minimalist. I have a pair ran the Bolder Boulder 10k 2010 and felt awesome.

04/03/11 @ 11:06

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